which laser printer?

  barmybird 16:24 17 Nov 2011

  barmybird 16:28 17 Nov 2011

I'm probably doing this all wrong, oh well here goes! I'm looking for advice on which laser printer to buy, I will only be using it very lightly as its for card making, I do however want one that takes cardstock of at least 250gsm if there is such a printer? I also don't want to spend a fortune on inks/or whatever they use! not sure if I need colour or just mono, depends on price etc

Hope someone out there can help, its a minefield without advice!

Many thanks in advance Barmybird

  ICF 17:06 17 Nov 2011
  spuds 17:47 17 Nov 2011

Toners can be expensive, but far cheaper if you are prepared to take care and refill them yourself.

As to the cost of an actual laser, this can range from £39.99 (mono) £49.99 (colour) for basic models, to £xxxx's for commercials.

You might find some information with this link http://www.colour-laser-printers.co.uk/choosing.php

  barmybird 18:13 17 Nov 2011

Hi Spuds,

thanks for that info, I wasnt aware that you could refill them yourself, would I have to buy special containers or can you refil the ones that the machine has in it already? I was really hoping you might be able to advise me on ones which could cope with 250gsm plus cardstock as that is also a consideration, in fact its probably more important than running costs! I have looked on the link you sent me and asked them the question as they sell them they might recommend a good one too!

many thanks for your help Barmybird

  spuds 19:04 17 Nov 2011


I cannot really advice you on 250gsm card, but I do use some fairly thick card on a old cheap Samsung ML-4500 mono laser. Feed the card individually, not multiple feed fed.

Filling the toners can be straight forward on some models. It can just be a case of removing a plug on the existing toner, or drilling a small hole in the toner case and fitting a plug (blu-tak or sealing tape will do the job). But due to the fine powder it can be a little messy, if care is not taken. There are a number of outlets that sell toner powders, and the sellers usually provide instructions on how to fill toner cartridges. You should also have this information via a simple Google or similar search!.

I note that you have asked for their advisor's recommendations, which is a good thing. If you make a purchase from them, then you can hold them to their advice, should things not turn out to your liking. If they do provide a recommendation, then have a look around the internet for possible better pricing, Amazon, Ebuyer or Ebay might be a start. Do not buy secondhand, unless it comes with a good honest and reliable warranty. And remember that the toners supplied, might only be part filled for demonstration purposes only. So take this into consideration when you make any decisions!.

  barmybird 23:22 17 Nov 2011

thanks for that Spud, good advise and I'll take on board what you've said, I was looking on ebay for a cheap used one and then realised I might be dropping a clanger so sought advice, I don't think I'm going to get any sort of warranty with a used one so will wait and see what that company comes up with for me, thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions

regards Barmybird

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