Which laptop table?

  rommy 19:14 24 Oct 2007

Hey Guys,
I am thinking of buying a laptop table.

So far I have found these tables.
- click here
- click here
- click here

What do you think, which table would be the best?
Do you know any others?

  rdave13 19:41 24 Oct 2007

How about something from here? click here

  100andthirty 19:41 24 Oct 2007

You asked........

only two links worked. One looks suitable for brakfast in bed and the other for a crick in the neck. What are knees for?

Feeble attempt at humour!

  rommy 20:14 24 Oct 2007

rdave13: thanks for the link.
i am stuck to bed due my ilness, and i am looking for a table that can be used in a bed.
unfortunately none of the amazon's are good for that.

100andthirty: you are right about one link not working. it seems like the site has a problem with a server or something.

you asked what are the knees for?
well, I guess you have never seen/used a laptop. If you'd have, you would know that when you work on your laptop on your knees, it becomes very hot and the battery is runnig out faster.

  rdave13 21:21 24 Oct 2007

How about something like this; click here your laptop should fit.

saw this in staples this afternoon. sure it was only £19.99 in there.click here

  crosstrainer 06:32 25 Oct 2007

Something like this? click here

  Noels 15:37 25 Oct 2007

Have a look at

click here

  rommy 15:53 25 Oct 2007

thanks for your help guys.
I have chosen this table:
click here

I will tell you more about it as soon as I get it.

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