Which laptop should i buy.?

  cooldharma06 12:27 22 Dec 2014

Hi all,

i am thinking to buy laptop in india via online. And my budget is 50k-60k INR. My purpose is daily usage like gaming and personal works.

Brand which i am thinking to go HP, lenovo or DELL

Please suggest some good brands and models.

Advance thanks for your suggestions.

Regards, cooldharma06 ..:)

  Forum Editor 14:44 23 Dec 2014

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  rdave13 18:47 23 Dec 2014

I'm not a gamer but I'd think that a £600 laptop would be a bit low on spec. If you could up it to £800 and not minding a quad core i5 and not one of the manufacturers you've listed then this machine looks reasonable, for example only . You might find it cheaper elsewhere?

This is just my opinion only as that is what I would go for, for a budget gaming laptop. Good hunting.

  rdave13 19:22 23 Dec 2014

Just realised you would need to buy a cheap DVD usb2 external optical drive if you buy your games on DVD disks. So an added expense but not by much.

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