Which laptop should I buy ...?

  [DELETED] 07:43 13 Oct 2003

Hi folks

I'm sure this has all been done before but some upto date advice would be gratefully received.

I need to buy a laptop between £600-£800 Preferebly with a floppy drive as well as a CDRW.

I will be using it mainly for the internet and working on Word, excel etc.

I was looking at the Toshiba on offer in PC World - any thoughts.

Also pointers to any decent retailers on the high street or on the net would be appreciated.


  [DELETED] 16:25 13 Oct 2003

Try searching the forum on this website - it has loads of information, opinions and advice on laptop / notebook computers..

click here

  [DELETED] 23:03 26 Oct 2003

You might like the HP compaq NX9005 notebook, this the one I have, its got AMD 2000+ cpu,30gb hdd, DVD/CDRW, built in floppy, 2 USB, modem, 256mb mem,15 inch screen and windows XP pro, I bought this from ebuyer for just over £700.I have had no problems with it so far and hope that I don't, I run Office 2000 pro on it as well. Hope this has been of some help.

  [DELETED] 14:10 27 Oct 2003

Have a look around click here I have an Acer notebook and have been extremely happy with it.

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