Which laptop do I buy????

  Randy1238 14:50 13 Aug 2014


I'm looking to buy a new laptop as the one I currently have is on its last legs. I've had it since 2009/2010 and its served me well through two uni courses. ATM its quite slow, i'm getting a lot of pop ups and crap on the laptop and my screen has essentially cracked off, requiring a lot of glue.

My current laptop is a Sony Vaio VGN-NW11S : click here

I know updating the anti-virus and adware would help but I am in need of something new. I have recently qualified as a teacher and so would need a laptop for work, but also watch films/listen to music on it. I like what I currently have, and since I don't know much about laptops I guess I'm looking for a better version of what I have. I don't particularly mind the brand or look of the laptop but I don't want a minging one.

Essentially I'm looking for something faster, better, with more storage space and can handle music and films at a good rate, which isn't awful to transport should I need the laptop in other places such as on a train. I would like for it to have USB ports/CD port/audio jacks etc.

Realistically I want to spend less than £500-600. Is there anything you could recommend for me. I'm not the biggest fan of Apple laptops, and even though they're out of my price range, I thought I would add that in.

Sorry for rambling but if you have any suggestions that would be great.

  john bunyan 19:03 13 Aug 2014

I like Toshiba as a brand, and John Lewis as a retailer (2 years guarantee). Have a look at the Satellite L50B - 1DV here, for a start.

J Lewis

  john bunyan 19:07 13 Aug 2014

PS do keep enough for a USB HD as back - up (about £55) and maybe the latest Office software (About £40 if bought with PC?). Do come back fpr suggestions on free anti virus, anti malware etc. Good luck with your teaching career!

  john bunyan 19:13 13 Aug 2014

PPS PCA review:

PCA Review

  Randy1238 09:33 15 Aug 2014

I don't have an external HD atm but I do need to get one so will be onto that soon! Software isn't a problem for me to be honest. In terms of anti virus, usually I would have updated it or sorted it by now, but because I will probably get a new laptop before the start of September I've been a bit lazy.

The spec on the Toshiba looks pretty decent. Any other options to compare to?

thanks for the reply :)

  john bunyan 09:40 15 Aug 2014

Have a look at the John Lewis website. Maybe others on this forum will reply.

Also the PCA review of laptops may be worth a look too.

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