which laptop to buy ?

  loonogs 15:51 20 Feb 2005

all opinions welcome
i need to buy a laptop, but all of the information in the magazines and websites are great at selling a product but all this information is very confusing.

i entend to use this machine as an entertainment unit and edit alot of video from my camcorder so a dual layer dvd writer and 17" screen are essential.
i would like to have it a little future proof, as a result i was leaning in the amd 64 direction, but then there are motherboard,ddr2, pci express, hard drive speed, and graphics card questions .

i will not be playing games, so is an expensive graphics card necessary for video editing.
i am more interested in hard drive capacity so why do some reviewers recommend a smaller size with a higher speed ?

there are a few nice machines out there that i have seen so far,rock quaddra, mesh pegasus.

but so many 17" intel machines, am i crazy not to be considering them ?
ipc widebook,iridium starbook 920,mesh ultima pci-e,rock xtreme ti,tiny powerlite g920 to name but a few.

finally there is the service and support issue.i got the impression that tiny were not great in this field, but i have just read peoples problems with mesh.
its a black hole.

  Magik ®© 16:04 20 Feb 2005

which laptop to buy is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string :-) for my money it has to be Rock, i have two of them, neither has never missed a beat, the main laptop is the Quaddra Ti, which was said by the PCA review to be the best that money could buy, and you get a 3 year guarantee....

  loonogs 21:03 20 Feb 2005

thanks for your help

  wjrt 21:39 20 Feb 2005

click here

look here also but you may have to search for another supplier

  loonogs 21:33 21 Feb 2005

thanks wjrt

  fpg 22:58 21 Feb 2005

Hope this dosn't add to the confusion but the screen quality is also an important factor. This led me to the Sony FS series which has the 2nd generation of their X-Black technology.

Bought the FS 195XP which has 100Gb HDD, DVD RW dual layer dual standard, PCI Express and the latest version of WiFi Centrino. Only had it for 2 days but first impressions are good.

  loonogs 23:18 22 Feb 2005

thanks fpg you are a godsend

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