Which laptop to buy

  Zebrapec 14:18 05 Dec 2004

My daughter is going to uni and needs a laptop under £1000. Which is the best?

  genuinefake 15:23 05 Dec 2004

i think anything by toshiba, ibm or sony are worth looking at.

  TomJerry 18:52 05 Dec 2004

For the reliability, Toshiba is still the king in laptop (only in m view).

Toshiba run a "Notebooks for Students Scheme" with Gtech click here. You an knock around £100 off with this scheme.

I think it is better to get one with Intel Centrino processor (battery is long with this processor). Light weight is also important if your daughter want to carry around.

Tshiba Tecra A2(PTA20E-07801QEN) with 15" screen only costs £814.28 with this scheme. click here (better to upgrade memory to 512Mb with extra £50)

  TomJerry 18:56 05 Dec 2004

the laptop mentioned above can be bought with extra £20 without scheme click here

  TomJerry 19:07 05 Dec 2004

Systemax TourBook® 5250 £1091 click here

Systemax TourBook® 5100 £915 click here

HI-GRADE Notino C7000-1600 £1056 click here

ToysRUs Medion Centrino Pentium M 1.7GHz Laptop £999 click here

Portable high-performance Tchibo £999.00 click here

  TomJerry 19:21 05 Dec 2004

Toshiba give 1 year wrrenty, but you can extend to 3 years with £69 under notebook for student scheme.

  TomJerry 19:30 05 Dec 2004

Novatech: only vendor or the year, service liked by many people in here

Centrino 15" 1.8GHz £880.08, DVD writer, 2.4kg, 512mb, 60gb click here

  nerawan 21:15 06 Dec 2004

The best thing is to look at the PC Magazines. They tell you about the Pros and faults. They test them and make recommendations.

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