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  Evans1 14:10 28 May 2006

Hi, i am currently looking for a laptop for around the £850.00 mark. i am currently going to be selling the components from my home built system and once they are all sold i should have around the sum of cash i need. The only reason i am getting rid of my baby (pc) is because i need the space it is occupying. It is currnetly on ebay but i have a feeling i am going to have to sell each individual part. Here is a link if anyone is on the lookout or a super quick instant response to tasks PC.

click here

So, for £850.00 whats the best laptop to get.??.


  wee eddie 16:37 28 May 2006

having a Laptop will save you space.

Most of your area is taken up with peripherals which you will still need!

  GBM19232comp 19:52 28 May 2006

Firstly, Sony Vaio are a brand that I have used and would recommend. I've also had friends who have had very good Acer laptops. If you shop in a store, ask for a discount - for example, if a laptop is cheaper at a store's online price than it is in the shop, ask nicely to be credited the difference. If they agree (and most will) then you can walk out with a brand new laptop and save yourself some delivery time. I'd recommend Comet as the best store to go to, and personally I would avoid PC World at all costs if you're buying a laptop (I've shopped there a few times and I've never found any laptops that I thought were worth what they were charging for them. Of course, others on this thread might disagree.)

Secondly, DON'T BUY BEFORE YOU TRY. If you've got a small brightly-lit room, don't choose a laptop with a glossy screen - it'll strain your eyes. Look at the laptop, see how solid it feels (it's not going to be very good if the keys are practically dropping off, as I've known to happen!) and how fast it is. All of this you can usually test using the display models in the shops.

Thirdly, know exactly what you're looking for - and I mean exact specifications - make a list and take them into the shops. If you want a gaming laptop, don't go for one with Microsoft Works preinstalled and lower your hard-drive space requirements but choose one with a faster processor and 1GB of RAM if possible. If you want an office PC, get plenty of room for photos, lots of software preinstalled, etc, and save money on the RAM and processor. Look at what you'll need to plug into it (if you have four USB devices then it's no good getting one with three USB ports only, same with card readers etc).

Fourthly, there are minimums: DON'T go for an Intel Celeron or AMD Sempron processor at the price you're looking for - they're budget chips. A good laptop at that price will have at least an AMD Turion or Intel Pentium M chip with 1.7Ghz clock speed at least. 256MB of RAM is not sufficient for most programs nowadays - if you're spending £850, you'll want ideally 512MB with space to upgrade later on. (Ask the salesperson about this.)

And finally, NEVER EVER EVER buy the extended warranty that's a third of the price of the laptop itself unless you plan to use it in a nursery school surrounded by kids with sticky hands and spillable drinks!

Hope this helps.

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