which keyboard to buy?

  palinka 20:25 13 Jun 2005

Does anyone know of a keyboard where the letters on the keys don't wear off? Years ago I had one where the letters were embossed onto the keys; now they all seem to be a sort of transfer, and they wear off annoyingly quickly. On my present keyboard i'm now on my 3rd or fourth set of stick on paper letters, but even they wear off. Has anyone fould a keyboard that solves this probelm?

  amonra 21:07 13 Jun 2005

Keyboards are SO cheap, why worry about the letters rubbing off. Use it for a while till you become fed-up then bin it and buy a new one.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:23 13 Jun 2005

In my experience Microsoft keyboards are good to use, durable and not too expensive.

  Pooke 22:42 13 Jun 2005

indeed, the logitech media keyboard is cheap and cheerful from PCworld. click here

You must type alot or something to have the print rub off the keys, lol. Your poor fingers :)


PS I have that one and it's very comfortable to use but the text on the keys are printed.

  palinka 08:24 14 Jun 2005

thanks everyone. seems I'll have to plan on frequent replacements; it's not the cost (I know they're cheap) it's the wastefulness - and the inconvenience.

  jack 08:26 14 Jun 2005

Those embossed keyboards of years ago were 'Cherry' brand built like a type writer of yore.
But now as stated stuff of the qulity has given way to the cheap and nasty.

Simply replace existing one with a simple one without loads of extra buttons that you probaly wont use.. At computer fairs you can pay as little as £3 of one.

  Rayuk 17:20 14 Jun 2005

Can you not buy a cover that goes over a keyboard to keep it clean,maybe this could solve your problem

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