Which headset should I buy?

  FireOfBlue 17:30 23 May 2010

I would be grateful for your advice!

I know that there is a big price difference with one of these headsets, but I wonder whether any one has a view about which of these is actually the best.

I want USB connectivity and surround is a bit of fun but I will probably have it turned off playing FPS (which is why I am buying these).

These are the ones I am looking at - but any other suggestions would be welcome.

Is there something that you think would be better (but not more expensive!)

I think they are all closed cup except for the TekNMotion

Creative Sound Blaster Arena - £80 ish

TekNmotion PulseWave - about £50 ish

Logitech G35 - £90 ish


click here

TekNmotion PulseWave

click here

Logitech G35

click here

Obviously they get different reviews in different places.

Thanks for the input


Current spec:

Q6600 @ 3.20 Ghz, ASUS Arctic Square CPU Cooler, LG Flatron W2261V, ASUS GT8800 512 mb, ASUS PQ5 Dxe Mobo, 4GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR2, Tagan BZ 600w PSU, Nzxt Lexa case, Freecome Esata 1TB, Win7 64 Bit, 300 Gb + 500GB HDs, Some Other Stuff

  FireOfBlue 18:49 24 May 2010

I wonder whether anyone has any ideas on this?



  FireOfBlue 18:31 25 May 2010

Thanks for the advice - I have taken it!


  wee eddie 02:23 26 May 2010

The human brain identifies the direction of a sound by 'minute' movements of the head.

If the position of the sound does not alter when you move your head, then no imaginable number of speakers within the headset, will inform the brain of the direction of the sound source.

Of course movement from left to right is simply a matter of changing the left/right volume.

  Kevscar1 05:52 28 May 2010

I have these.

click here

Have their own 7.1 Surround sound built in. Extremly comfortable for hours of use. Microphone is clip on and you can unplug it when not in use

  Big L 266 14:51 28 May 2010


I would recommend a Sennheiser HD25SP headset if still available.

I bought mine around 9 years ago and nothing comes close to them. These were original monitor 'phones with extended upper frequency ranges which are well-suited for my hi-fi separates and letterly my computer-based hi-fi extremely expensive soundcard.

These are very light-weight and came with an extended length of cable.They've never had a days illness in their lives,still going strong today,and will probably outlive me!

Big L 266

  Forum Editor 19:17 28 May 2010

I'm no gaming fanatic, but I listen to a lot of music while I work, and my Sennheiser phones are the best I've used.

I have the HD 415.

  Chris the Ancient 10:09 08 Jun 2010

Hi wee eddie.

Yup, I agree that bpx520's response was quite correct and relevant. The trouble is, this morning, he spent quite some time going through Consumerwatch adding that link to loads of threads - so that's why I reported him.

The question...

Following this post, because I have been thinking of treating myself to a set of headphones to listen to music while I work, and looking at FE's recommendation on the HD415 ones, I had a look on Google. Not bad prices at Amazon. I once used Sennheiser microphones and headsets when I was a film cameraman (equipment supplied) and was impressed then. What had not appreciated by me before was that there are 'closed' and 'open' back headphones. What is the difference - and why? Do both types sound as good?

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