Which Hard Drive

  Bravo2Red 23:45 30 Jul 2008

Hello Guys,

I'm currently designing a PC and I wondered if you could help me chose which hard drive to use,
My requirements are:
1. High Speed
2. Large cache
3. Reliable
4. Good Quality
3. Low cost - it must be cheap but not bad quality cheap.

I don't mind terribly on size but i would like it to be in the 250GB - 500GB range/

Thanks For your help, Dan

PS. What do you think of this HD? click here

  Bravo2Red 23:58 30 Jul 2008

Sorry I posted this twice.

  Clapton is God 10:01 31 Jul 2008

"Sorry I posted this twice"

So tick one as resolved.

  day2strike 10:27 31 Jul 2008
  The Kestrel 10:53 31 Jul 2008

Seagate/Maxtor hard drives always seem to get good reviews for both performance and reliability.

  I am Spartacus 12:05 31 Jul 2008

Samsung F1s are getting excellent write ups for performance especially the 1TB version. However there are smaller and cheaper versions click here

  GaT7 14:05 31 Jul 2008

Bravo2Red, I'd go for the one you linked to. If you need greater cache, it makes sense to go for a 500Gb or greater HD - Seagate Barracuda 500GB 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s
click here (Need UK sites? Please let us know).

If you want a 'faster' drive, it'll need to be a WD Raptor/VelociRaptor, but these are very expensive comparatively e.g. click here (I personally wouldn't recommended them because of the bloated cost & poor price-performance ratio).

There are even 'faster' SCSI drives that are rated at 15000rpm, but probably not worth the expensive/hassle, as in reality they're probably not that fast after all click here.

If you're not too fussed with size - i.e. just something for the OS - a 36Gb Raptor could be had from eBay for a relative bargain. G

P.S. I've read that those Samsung F1s are experiencing a high failure rate. Could be because they're selling a lot / a coincidence / a faulty design. Some people wouldn't touch Maxtor because they're supposed to fail more often than other drives. But I've had 4 & never experienced a problem. You get others who won't touch a certain brand because they've experienced a failure with it. The fact is that ALL hard drives fail at some point, & that's why it's so important to BACKUP regularly & NOT rely on any drive because they're supposed to be 'reliable' or whatever.

  I am Spartacus 18:46 31 Jul 2008

My VelociRaptor is extremely fast in my new build but agree the cost/performance ratio is not good. The 2 x F1 Spinpoints I have are nearly as fast as the VelociRaptor:-(

  I am Spartacus 18:48 31 Jul 2008

I've had a number of hard drive failures over the years and would particularly mention WD, Seagate and Maxtor as being prominent in those failures. At least the VelociRaptor has a 5 year warranty.

  Bravo2Red 02:38 04 Aug 2008

Thanks for your help, I've decide to use click here.

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