Which handheld?

  mikegm7 16:03 20 Nov 2005

I am thinking about getting a handheld as Christmas present. Do any of them run with centrino technology,(or similar) so that I can connect wherever? What should I be looking for?

  puma22 16:12 20 Nov 2005

Hi, depends on what you are looking ofr and what you want it to do. I have a tungsten t3 (newer model is the t5). Apparnetly this has one of the best resolution screens for web browsing, although I dont use it for that.
There are, i think 2 operating systems, one the palm and then a cut down version of windows. I was very aprehensive about the palm, but it is brilliant. I use it for diary, contacts, typing reports (much smaller than a lap top when out on the road) and GPS.
Not sure what you mean by centrino technology. The palm links and synchronises with the pc and it has blue tooth and infra red so can connect to various divices.
Hope this helps!

  fitcher 16:17 20 Nov 2005

palm manager with 4 gb hd and memory card expansion will show vidio .play music store and tranfer files and has its own memory ..blue tooth and wireless .wish I had one ,my son has .walks around his college and can recieve wireless ..mind you others makers will soon catch up ..,,,

  matto 06:17 21 Nov 2005

I've just received an XDA exec upgrade from 02. It runs windows mobile 2005, connects via bluetooth or wi-fi, plus has 3G and the usual GPRS for straight connections.

It's a nice looking PDA but a strange feeling phone - the screen swivels up from an attached keyboard and then round so you can use it like a mini-laptop. It also has the stylus as any usual PDA.

Once I got used to the phone (I use the headset and voice recognition and forget about the keypad) it was fine. I use keyboard for thumbing out text messages, wi-fi for listening to the radio, video calls for my one freind with a vid-camera. It's all good.

It's heavier than my old Sony Ericsson phone, but lighter than my Ipaq + phone combined.

What I really would love is the XDA exec with a detachable minifone for nights out.


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