Which graphics card to buy?

  dan boy 12:26 04 Oct 2003


I have recently bought a new PC but am now looking to upgrade my graphics card (just for games). I have got a geforce 4 mx440 and am looking at spending no more than £150. My system is as follows:
AMD Athlon XP 2600+
512mb DDR ram
80gb hard drive
Windows XP home

I am thinking of buying either a Radeon 9600pro or Geforce FX5600 ultra. Any ideas on which would be better, or any other cards I don't know about, would be most appreciated.



PS. Are the old geforce 4 ti worth a look at as they are now so cheap?

  kakasnarta 13:46 04 Oct 2003

Have recently upgraded from mst fx5200 to msi fx 5600 bought from comp fair for £145.00 no probs got free software as well after a bit of haggling.

  PªūĽ ? ♂ 16:21 04 Oct 2003

Radeon 9600 pro is the choice I would make if I were to buy a new graphics card today.

  fitfella29 16:41 04 Oct 2003

rad 9600 pro for me too.

  bremner 16:45 04 Oct 2003

For a very thorough review click here

To cut to the chase it recommends the FX5600

  sdf 16:59 04 Oct 2003

Personally I'd go with the Raedon

  wags 17:53 04 Oct 2003

I have an MSI FX5600 Ultra in my new PC and it is the business. I would have thought either card would make a good purchase.

  dan boy 18:27 04 Oct 2003

Thanks for the help. I think ill get radeon 9600pro.

  antoni34 19:43 04 Oct 2003

I have this card on my mere AMD2400 1Gb 266 DDR Ram etc system

And it works a dream !!

Well worth buying

  Q-Bie 20:04 04 Oct 2003

I have a 9600 pro on an Athlon 2000+

A work colleague has a 5600 (don't know if ultra or not) on an Athlon 2600+

I get 3068 in 3dmark 2003
He gets 2500.


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