Which graphics card?

  lisa02 15:33 02 May 2007

Putting together a new system and I could do with advice on an all rounder graphics card, or cards in SLI.

About £300 to spend give or take.

Best value would be good.

The system will have a e6300 or 6700 (can't remember of hand) core2duo, 1TB SATA hdd space and 2gb ddrII ram. With Vista HP.

  Totally-braindead 15:42 02 May 2007

HP? Do you mean an HP computer?
If so the first thing I would check is what rating the power supply is as it may need to be replaced.
You mention SLI do you have a SLI motherboard? IE 2 PCI Express X16 graphics card slots?

  lisa02 15:57 02 May 2007

home premium. sorry it's how I had it written down and just copied onto here.

It's a custom build, yes the motherboard has 2 pci express x16 slots. The local shop is doing the build but they do not have decent graphics cards. So I am fitting my own.

  donki 16:02 02 May 2007

I got myself a 8800gts 640 and its an amazing step up from my old 7800GT. All the core2duo are great processor with whopping OC potential. With that rig ul have a really good all round performance. I dont think SLI hads really taken off with very few games being developed to take full use of the 2 gpu.

What is the computer for?

  lisa02 16:05 02 May 2007

Games for me and he does video and photo editing. While we are here can you point me to a nice monitor? At least 19 inch.

  citadel 16:06 02 May 2007

8800gts graphics card there are two versions, either one with 640 of memory or 320 of memory. power supply a 650watt with a 80% + efficiency rating.

  citadel 16:09 02 May 2007

for a monitor a samsung 226bw, this is a 22" widescreen that has come top in every group test in recent reviews.

  Totally-braindead 16:09 02 May 2007

I think the SLI support is still a bit ropey with Vista yet and to be honest you'd be better sticking to one card at the moment.
PCAs best buy is the BFG 8800 GTS 640mb and supports directX 10 costs £292 but I'm sure if you shop arround you could beat that.
Yep £258 click here or the one with less memory click here just over the £190 mark.

  donki 16:15 02 May 2007

Definitely go widescreen, its becoming more and more supported and makes games alot more engrossing, what sort of money are you looking to spend on the monitor? Id recomend the 640mb version as it will be alot more future proof than the 320mb. From reading around games in the pipeline, DX10 is going to be able to produce some astounding textures and effects which will suck up gpu memory.

As citadel said a good power supply and cooling is a MUST for the 8800 its a massive card and runns very hot.

  Totally-braindead 16:15 02 May 2007

Nice monitors? What budget?

PCA again liked the Samsung Syncmaster SM225BW at £387, its 22". Maybe citadels one is cheaper.
Others they also liked the 19" NEC Multisync 90GX2 at £257.

Personally I read the reviews but try to see a monitor myself at the likes of PC World as what I like you might not be so keen on.

  lisa02 16:19 02 May 2007

about 250app for a monitor.

It will have a 650w PSU from the sheet I have here.

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