Which Graphics card?

  SteevScotland 22:03 16 Oct 2003

I will be buying a new graphics card in a couple of weeks but I'm not sure what is the best one to get. I plan to spend a Maximum of £150. I play games so would like ti to be DirectX 9 compliant. I also need TV out and dual display would be good but not essentail.

Any recomendations?

Cheers S

  Ironman556 22:59 16 Oct 2003

The Radeon 9600Pro is a good card and is within your price range. The 9500Pro is slightly more, and harder to find, but it can be soft-modded to perform faster (more like a 9700Pro) I think. Both are DX9 compatible. If you want good graphics make the minimum a 128MB Radeon 9600Pro. I have one, and can play all games happily on 1024*786 resolution at hight graphics detail. GTA Vice City will play on 1280*1024 at high detail until it rains, but dropping the resolution to 1152*864 (can't remember specific) fixes the lag and it behaves itself, same for Freelancer and UT2003.

The Geforce FX's I don't know as much about, but Stay away from the FX5200 and I think the FX5600 should be the minimum you want. They are apparently very noisy though.

If you're upgrading make sure that the rest of your system is up to handling the faster card.

At the slighly lower end graphics, GF4 Ti4200/Ti4800 would be a decent card, but doesn't support DX9, and only if price is a problem.

I got my Saphire 128MB Radeon 9600Pro from click here been very happy with it, doesn't come with any flasy software but you won't regret it when you see it performing.

Have fun gaming.

  simonp1 08:50 17 Oct 2003

I also have a 9600 pro very good very clockable, i have really seen a big improvement when clocked ( simple down load program i use called rage ) but you may want to buy a second hand 9700 if you can find one( like rockinh horse..)

But if im honest.....( wish i done it myself ) is to save up and go and get a 9800 card once i sell my 9600 i will be getting one, the performace is fantastic and you really notice the difference

Their is a new range of XT cards from ATI with new drivers also...

This site gives great advice on all graphics cards

click here

  A Cat Called George 17:28 17 Oct 2003

To add to Ironman556's post I fitted a Geforce fx5600 a couple of days ago and was very disappointed by it. It is around 40% slower than the Geforce4 Ti4200 that it replaced. Indeed so disappointing is it's performance that I have immediately replaced it with a Geforce fx5900 128MB card that will give me the performance and the fx5600 will be on Ebay later today!

  SteevScotland 10:48 18 Oct 2003

What about the radion cards? How will they perform compaired to the Geforce4 Ti4200?

I have my eye on the Tyan Tachyon Radeon G9600PRO 128MB card from click here

Any thoughts?

Cheers S

  simonp1 11:16 18 Oct 2003

not to sure of "Tyan" but you should be ok

If you look at that link i posted it compares the Ti4200 to the 9600.

  Ironman556 18:07 18 Oct 2003

The Ti4200's are pretty good cards, but don't do DX 8. I had one briefly, but returned it due to system incompatibility (motherboard didn't know what had hit it, think I was a one-off though). They are getting 'old' now, but are a great card if you want to spend a little less but still have great graphics. Like the GF3 Ti's the GF4 Ti's will be going strong for a while yet.

simonp1 - can you point me to the clocking proggy please, I've not dared dabble yet, but if it's simple I'll give it a go.

  Ironman556 18:11 18 Oct 2003

GF ti4200's do do DX8, I meant they don't do DX9, but don't get too hung up on that, nothing usues the potential of DX 9 yet anyway, and by the time you *need* it and can actually notice a difference during gameplay the high-end cards of this week will be much cheaper...

  simonp1 08:11 19 Oct 2003

click here

Here you go ironman 556, this is a very simple one, you just increase the core and the memory settings.

Left click properties advanced then clock speeds.

only increase a bit at a time, also make sure your motherboard will take it..also check your temp as well.

My settings are core 450 and memory 310

  steve0 09:34 19 Oct 2003

Save your money and wait for new cards that are coming out next year. I was in same boat, but had a Gainward Ti 4200 that had developed a fault (known one), so had to get a replacement. Have bought a XFX Ti 4200 card that uses extra fast memory for £80 from CCL computers. It even comes with a free game pad controller.

The card is fast and can be overclocked - I run core at 300 and memory at 680, but can probably go higher. In Forgotten battles it runs 40-50 frames/s.

I will wait for new round of cards in a year's time and make do with this card until then

  SteevScotland 22:34 23 Oct 2003

I like the look of the folowin two cards.
But which one would be the better card for playing games?

Leadtek Winfast Fx 5600 AGP X8 MyVIVO 256MB DDR DVI Dual Monitor Out
click here

Tyan Tachyon Radeon G9600PRO 8xAGP 128MB DDR VGA/DVI/S-Video/Hardware Monitoring
click here

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