Which graphics card?

  prodway 11:39 07 Sep 2003

I cant make my mind up which graphics card to buy.I currently have a geforce3 200ti 64mb card which i bought nearly 2 years ago but i now need to upgrade as im a hardcore gamer.Im hopeing to get a card for around £150 which will make some differnce to my current card.The cards i have in mind are:geforce fx 5600 256 mb ddr
3d prophet ati 9600 256mb ddr
radeon 9600 pro 128mb

They are all around the same price bracket with the radoen 9600 pro being slightly more expensive,although it only has 128mb compared to the other card which have 256mb.Does anyone have these cards?if so how does it perform?and will they make a big difference over my currnt card.Hope someone can help,Thanks Paul.

my system specs are:2000xp,512mb ram,winxp,geforce3200ti.

  dirtyh 12:19 07 Sep 2003

the ati 9600 is good should be able to purchase at around £130 for the 9600 pro i build systems and recommend this card but the n/vidia is just as good.as for memory 128v256 i would'nd bother as 128 is plenty.

see hear for prices click here

  Rayuk 14:47 07 Sep 2003

Maybe of help
click here

  citadel 15:06 07 Sep 2003

Ii you go for a fx5600, make sure it is a version 2 with the higher clock speeds. These are faster than the 9600's.

  sdf 15:19 07 Sep 2003

I would go with the Radeon

  wags 21:15 07 Sep 2003

I have the Geforce FX 5600 ultra with 128mb DDR in my new Mesh PC. As citadel advises, get the latest version which runs at the higher clock speed. It is a great graphics card and makes my games look fantastic.

Most tests of cards with 256mb (ie Toms Hardware) seem to conclude that going for 256 mb ram is not worth the extra cash.

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