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Which Freeview set up box?

  rickf 09:21 18 Sep 2010

My Philips box has died after 8 years. Looking for a new one next week when I am in London. What have you got and is it any good? Thinking of another Philips but would like experience of other brands. Thanks

  chub_tor 09:49 18 Sep 2010

I am a Humax fan, started with their basic set-top box many years ago, then changed to their Freeview PVR version (which I still have and use in the bedroom) and now have their FreeSat recordable version for HD. Check to see if Freeview HD is available in your area as I think that is a better option, unfortunately it doesn't get to my part of the West Country untio 2015.

Humax website click here

  rickf 11:54 18 Sep 2010

Thanks, I have been considering the Humax but they are expensive. I just want a basic but reliable one.Humax does not seem to make one w/o HD etc., Just want to wtach digital sometimes, especially News 24, Fiver. Five USA etc.,

  rickf 11:58 18 Sep 2010

On 2nd thought maybe it's worth the investment given the reviews

  100andthirty 16:55 18 Sep 2010

Try TVonics

click here

  dms_05 12:11 19 Sep 2010

I assume your TV is not widescreen or recent (as they all come with Freeview tuners nowadays). If you are considering a new TV with HD capability them the HD Freeview box is a serious solution, if you aren't them an HD box is expensive!

Humax are OK. I have a Humax 9300 PVR and that gives a reasonable picture (not as good as the Freeview tuner in my TV but acceptable).

Or just buy a £20 Freeview tuner from Tesco/ASDA etc. They will last a few years and at £20 aren't expensive!

  rickf 16:23 19 Sep 2010

Thanks folks for all the replies. I have a wide screen LCD TV but no Freeview. Bought 2/3 yrs ago and technology changed since then. Wide screens with Freeviews were very expensive then.

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