Sparrowhawk 10:41 28 Sep 2004

Mini-tapes (Sony proprietary)
SD Cards

Thanks in advance,

I bought a Sony PRC-105 last Christmas, which is a nice and sleek camcorder.
Great video, but as soon as SD Cards are big enough to record HIGH-RESOLUTION video, I might be tempted...

  JonnyTub 12:29 28 Sep 2004

i think high capacity sd cards that are cheap enough for the consumer are a while off yet (in comparison to minidv tapes anyway), i use a jvc minidv with firewire, i like this format because i can plug straight into my dvd recorder and put video straight onto dvd, or i can edit on pc. I am sorely tempted to buy one of those new fangled sony dvd camcorders which would solve the issue of connecting to another device to get the video to dvd, but then that cuts out the middleman (ME) and i enjoy fiddling with settings, editing, generally pushing lots of buttons :-) too much.

My hubby is a complete technophobe and I have to transfer the images from the camcorder because it scares him. He does like videoing though but he will never do any editing of the video he takes. His current camcorder is the size of a small house so I was looking at new ones for christmas or perhaps our anniversary in February and thought the new DVD ones would be a good idea because he can just slap it in the dvd player after taping. Having read the information about the blue-ray and HD-DVD, however, would I be wasing my money and given the cost what about an SD card recorder? Maybe I would be better just going for a mini-DV camcorder because they have come down in cost so much. I don't know enough about all this so I would welcome any advice.

Thank you


  961 13:38 18 Dec 2004

I'd go for tape. Although I can see the advantage of discs I have to say that no one really wants to watch unedited footage and for that reason alone the idea that you will actually sit and watch the disc on the dvd player is rather academic. Cards just aren't large enough

Also, tapes are cheap, quality excellent and, as said, the price of the hardware is now really affordable

Thank you,

I was sort of thinking along those lines but was unsure bcause of my lack of knowledge about this. As for the unedited film, well it's going to be unedited whatever happens unless I make time in busy schedule (I could rant about women's work but this is not the place!)because hubby will never get around to it.

Many thanks for your advice.


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