which is faster/better in performance ?

  rickf 10:37 25 Nov 2010

this click here


  961 10:39 25 Nov 2010

Second option missing

What is the computer to be used for?

  rickf 10:41 25 Nov 2010

this one click here

Sorry that they are on different pages of the posting.
Is the Acer i processor more up to date than the quad core in the Zoostrom. Present for my son and I can't decide. Hds are cheap so the fact that the Acer only has a 320g doesn't matter to me, can easily fit a second drive and new graphics card for games.

  961 11:00 25 Nov 2010

On the basis that you're happy to add a graphics card for games and some more ram, I'd be inclined to go for the Acer because of its modern i3 processor

Answering the basic question however is more difficult as the zoostorm may well be quicker out of the box. Can't see if it's 32bit or 64bit windows. If it is 32bit then you are limited to the amount of extra ram you can fit. If it's 64bit then it does get good reviews

Have you googled each one to find other reviews/tests?

  rickf 11:16 25 Nov 2010

THanks, I am more inclined to gofor the Acer. The alternative is to go for a barebones bundle with Novatech but would prove more expensive in the long run having tio buy OS+Graphics
Still thinking and researching.

  GaT7 11:17 25 Nov 2010

The Q8300 is the more powerful of the two on paper, but the i3 is the more modern one.

What graphics card (GPU) were you thinking of getting for games? It's just that the installed PSU will not be powerful enough if the chosen GPU needed external power. So you may need to upgrade the PSU as well. G

  961 11:36 25 Nov 2010

That's valid, also there may not be a lot of room for a mega card

It's probably a given that if we are after the latest games we'd be better with the version that boasts the i5 processor

However, as with all these things, that's a completely different ball game when it comes to price!

  GaT7 11:49 25 Nov 2010

"It's probably a given that if we are after the latest games we'd be better with the version that boasts the i5 processor"

Not necessarily 961. Most games these days (with the exception of a handful) rely a lot more on GPU rather than CPU power. So if wanting the most powerful gaming experience, one should always go for a system/spec that has the best graphics card one can afford. The CPU is secondary, although it should be a reasonable dual-core to get the most out of the GPU.

Yes, you're right about available space, & I was going to intervene if the GPU choice was of the larger variety. G

  961 12:01 25 Nov 2010

Agree with much of that

The problem is that once one gets to the stage of buying a new psu you're really destroying the warranty and the alternative of barebones becomes more realistic

And while the performance of some of these high end graphics cards is wicked, so are the prices

At the price point rickf has selected the zoostorm may well be the one for performance without spending too much more

If that performance won't fit the requirement then it's probably better to step up a notch when picking the basic box with a corresponding increase in price

  rickf 12:15 25 Nov 2010

Graphics card will be 1g ddr2 or 3 so cpu msy well be secondary.

  rickf 12:18 25 Nov 2010

Mind you the Zoostrom is quad core and this may tip the balance. Both come with 64bit OS so can take much more ram.

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