Which DSLR???

  donki 14:55 19 Sep 2008

Hi guys,

Got a budget of £400 and am looking to buy my first DSLR I have been into photography and PE6 for about 6 months now and have been quite happy with some of my efforts... not so much with others.

I think the 2 main ones I am looking at is the Sony A300 and the Canon 1000D, which one should I go for and why? My Digicam I have now is a Sony and I have been very happy with it. Are there any others I should look at?

Thanks in advance for yyour help.

  Kemistri 15:23 19 Sep 2008

You're buying a system; not just a body. Which system best suits you now and in the future? Sony is making progress and is beginning to signal some commitment with recent lenses, but it still lags behind the big two with some important gaps to fill.

And why Canon thinks that the 1000 is going to sell when there are still 400s in stock, I'm not sure.

  donki 15:50 19 Sep 2008


EOS 1000D - 18-55mm IS Lens is £369.99

A300 18-70mm Lens is £349.99

EOS 450D + 18-55mm IS Lens is £429.99

Well I have been into photography now for about 4 month and am doing my GCSE in it.... its fun being back at school. I didnt really want to go over £400 because I will need a camera bag, memory card and tripod.

Are u basically saying it would be well worth the extra £60 to get the 450D? I like the sony mainly becaue of the IS built into the body meaning the Lens (minolta anyway) should be cheaper, am I wrong?

I have no experience with any SLR so I dont really know what will suit me, I have mainly been shooting lanscapes and portraits on my 7.1 cyber - shot but the detail in the landscapes simply isnt there in a point and shot camera compared to an DSLR.

  Kemistri 16:14 19 Sep 2008

I typed 400, not 450. The old 400 is what people buy when they want a Canon body but strictly cannot stretch to a 450.

And it's not a personal recommendation, partly because I cannot know exactly what you need and partly because my own preferences sit in a different price category.

  Kemistri 16:18 19 Sep 2008

Oh, I overlooked your question about the IS. A rough price comparison usually shows that Sony's choice of a non-optimised IS does not actually save any cost. Sony glass is definitely not cheap.

  ened 16:54 19 Sep 2008

The decision you make should also take into account the lenses.

In my opinion Nikon make superior lenses to Canon.

I used to have a eos300d but now own a Nikon D80.

The thing is that the lenses are not interchangeable therefore you need to decide now.

I have been using cameras all my life and the Nikon has impressed me the most.

  ened 16:56 19 Sep 2008

A quick google click here

But the D40 is also good and well within your budget click here

  hssutton 17:22 19 Sep 2008

The problem with the low end Nikons is they have no focus motor, meaning a number of lenses are manual focus only.

At the moment I'm doing "field" for Sony with the Sony A 350, and must say I'm impressed with the results especially with the articulated LCD. Although I'm not a fan of Liveview the articulated LCD does have a lot of benefits. The only difference between the A300 and the A350 is 4mp, the A300 being 10Mp as opposed the the 350 at 14Mp.

So yes the Sony does have benefits over the Canon 400d, buy only if you are not going to proceed in the photographic field.

If you intend to take photography seriously then the Canon or indeed Nikon is the way to go, but bear in mind that the low end Nikons are crippled due to the lack of an inbuilt focussing motor.

Take what "ened" said about lenses with a pinch of salt, just take a look at any sporting event and see all the white lens on show:)

  OhBeardedOne 17:43 19 Sep 2008

Might be worth looking at this one as well.
click here

  donki 18:36 19 Sep 2008

Hi guys thanks for the info it is great appreciated, why not take the Sony if you wish to proceed? Wot does the Nikon and Canon have that the Sony doesn't? I am going into town now to get a feel for them and see which one I prefer (handling wise).

  hssutton 19:00 19 Sep 2008

"Wot does the Nikon and Canon have that the Sony doesn't?"

A multitude of accessories, which is why I said If you "intend to take photography seriously"

If you're going to just take snapshots, then it doesn't matter too much and the Sont should be just fine.

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