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  UK_Neo 11:45 10 Jul 2003

I am looking to buy a digital camera and have narrowed down to 3.

Canon A60
Minolta Dimage x
Monolta Dimage E223

I am looking to spend around £150 and have found these camera for £169.89 for the Canon (Dixons) & £127.49 for the E223 (Morgan Computers). The Dimage X is only within my price range for a refurbed one on auction.

I want video with sound functionality (handy for the kids) but primarily I want decent pictures and zoom.

Has anyone got any experiaence of these cameras and any advice?
Does anyone know of other cameras for similar money (and where)?

  GroupFC 12:35 10 Jul 2003

Hi, Have a look through this thread of mine, when I started on a similar quest at click here !

Choosing a digital camera is a minefield! You will see that I started with a similar budget in mind, but ended up stetching it a bit and ended up with the Canon A70. I must say that I am well pleased with it and all the help I got from the forum members.

In my thread there are some useful links to a couple of review sites, which you may find of interest.

Good Luck and do let us know what you get at the end of the day!

  giantsquid 12:37 10 Jul 2003

Hi there,

Have you had a look at the above ? good camera this one, had mine for well over a year now and cannot really fault it for the money, I paid £250 for mine but they are now down to about £165 ish,
This camera has a massive zoom 6X, and the picture quality in my opinion is as good as I have seen on cameras costing more then this.
The zoom itself is worth the money for me.
Aldi have just got rid of thousands of the latest offer, you may be too late for this,

click here

  giantsquid 12:58 10 Jul 2003

Sorry, I made it look like Aldi were selling the 2800, no they were selling there own brand of camera.

Bye the way....don't be swayed with the 'you need 4 million megapixle' it's not needed unless you want to make great big blow-ups of small areas of the photo, one last thing the best pixle quality means nothing if you don't have a decent printer but perhaps that is for another thread !

good luck,

  Stuartli 13:37 10 Jul 2003

It's just as important for prints acquired on-line or at Boots, Asda, Jessops etc....

For straightforward use and standard size or slightly larger prints, a 2MP camera from a reputable manufacturer such as Canon, Nikon, Minolta etc., plus a 3x optical zoom and versatile menu, will be perfectly adequate for most people.

My Minolta Dimage E203, even on medium (1.3MP) setting rather than the maximum 2MP, produces excellent 6x4 prints using Pixology's on-line service.

  UK_Neo 13:50 10 Jul 2003

Many thanks for you comments and links. Looks like I could be searching for a while yet (judging by the links to follow on previous threads).

I'm not that bothered about upteen thousand mega pixels as I will generally be using whichever camera I buy as a replacement for my 35mm.

I'll simply be using it for parties/family get-togethers and for taking on holiday with me. Therefore I only want the pictures to be able to be printed on standard size prints or posting the images to a website.

I'm not a serious photographer by any stretch of the imagination, so I think the Finepix 2800 is a bit to advanced for me.

Keep the advice coming though, it's all appreciated.

  giantsquid 14:10 10 Jul 2003

In my opinion 95% of all photographers are not camera buffs or pro's, they only want the camera to give good results in any situation that the photographer finds oneself in, what you have with most sub £400 cameras is basicly a point and shoot product capable of good to very good results without tweaking nobs all day to get that 'one off' shot.

All the cameras you look at will more than likely give you some 'more' options, this is entirely up to you as to what you want the camera to do, I would class the Fuji into that bracket, I for one have not yet used anywhere near the options that this camera does 'should I need it' have,

keep them coming,

  GroupFC 14:58 10 Jul 2003

I don't think that the 2800 would be too advanced for you.

It was one of the cameras that I considered and I also think of myself as a "point and shoot" photographer, and my requirements are very similar to your own.

I have two sons of 8 & 5, and I am also a cub leader. My requirements were therefore to get a camera which I (and the less technically able members of my family!)could snap away with and if by some fluke managed to get some good shots to print out so much the better. I also wanted to be able to put photographs on the cubs group web page.

The two useful bits of advice that I did receive were to get a camera that did have some more advanced options (because you will kick yourself later if you find that you become "hooked" on digital photography and don't have them) and to visit somewhere like Jessops to see the cameras and to get a feel of what they are like (this was one reason why I didn't go for the 2800, I just didn't like the look of it!).

  GroupFC 15:08 10 Jul 2003

Another thing is you should be able to better the prices you quote by having a look at some of the more specialist internet camera dealers such as click here or click here or even click here uk

  Djohn 16:57 10 Jul 2003

Five weeks back, after much deliberation, reading of reviews/test I bought the Canon A70, funny enough, at the same time as Rins36 bought hers. We both had problems and returned them within a couple of days.

Kodak had just released a new model, DX6340, 3.1mp. 4x zoom. I took the plunge with a little apprehension, even though other models from Kodak where receiving good reviews in the photo forums.

The camera arrived and I unpacked it, looked good, felt good, but then for some reason I placed it down on my desk and couldn't bring myself to try a test shot. Sounds daft I know, but I was starting to think, have I made a mistake in buying a "Kodak".

It was not until late the following day that I plucked up the courage to take several pics. and transfer them to the PC. What a surprise! the photo's looked terrific on screen, then printed them off with exactly the same results.

The detail in the photo's is actually better than the one's I had taken with the A70, now I can't put it down, taking pics. all the time, really pleased with my decision in the end. j.

  GroupFC 17:48 10 Jul 2003

I think it was Karina that had the A70, but then had problems with it and went for, I think, a Minolta S414. Rins36 on the other hand has, I think, the fuji 2800, and as far as I know is very happy with it!

No doubt if either of these peeps have a look at this post, they let us know if I've got it wrong!!


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