Which dial-up ISP? Wanadoo / Tiscali / ?

  Danoh 14:32 18 Nov 2006

A friend's father is after PAYG dial-up internet access as he is only a very occasional silver-surfer.

Being on broadband myself for years, I have no idea what the current PAYG dial-up services from different ISPs are like.

Comments of the current levels of service and even recommendations would be very much appreciated.

I have heard that Tiscali prevents the use of non-Tiscali email addresses such as Yahoo.co.uk, googlemail.com, etc. If so, this would knock them out of contention as he wants to use one of these email accounts.

Many thanks in advance for any views and tips.

  Stuartli 15:01 18 Nov 2006

I would normally recommend Tiscali for PAYG (don't know about the non-Tiscali e-mail addresses side, but never had any problems collecting from other ISP's e-mail addresses I used).

However this might prove an alternative:

click here


click here

  Danoh 00:02 19 Nov 2006

Thanks Stuartli! Never heard of Freeola ~ are they reputed to provide good service?

  Stuartli 11:09 19 Nov 2006

I'm sure a Freeola user will be along to outline their experiences with it, especially on the e-mail side.

However, my daughter used to log on to her HotMail account on my system when I was still with Tiscali when she pays a visit (lives in the Caymans).

  Danoh 13:04 19 Nov 2006

Sorry Stuartli. I wasn't clear in my posting; I meant to say retrieval of POP3 emails via Outlook or Outlook Express via Tiscali.
I understand that BT also prevents the use of Email programs such as Outlook Express from sending emails using any email address other then one with a BT domain name.
The same for Tiscali.
However, I'm under the impression that Wanadoo does not prevent this.

Will check out the Freeola website to see if they have any such restrictions, although I'm not hopeful as these aspects do not seem to be broadcast!

  fudge 13:12 19 Nov 2006

I've been using Tiscali PAYG as an emergency connection for ages and would definitely recommend it. I also use it on my laptop for when I'm out and can't get a broadband connection. Unlike most PAYG's they charge you and not the line you connect from, so you can use it from any telephone line.

You can collect any POP3 mail from any account but to send from another account you will have to set the outgoing server details to those for Tiscali. I do this and have no problem sending or receiving all emails. They do have a very effective spam filter and various other tools. My only gripe is they can be slow to answer the phone sometimes if you have a problem, but generally they're pretty good.

  Stuartli 13:18 19 Nov 2006

>>I meant to say retrieval of POP3 emails via Outlook or Outlook Express via Tiscali.>>

I still have a Tiscali PAYG account (to maintain a particular WorldOnline e-mail address.

What you are probably getting confused about is that whilst Tiscali or, I would imagine, the majority of ISPs allow you to collect e-mails from other ISPs with the correct configuration for each account, you can't directly Send such e-mails after choosing to Reply To or Forward them.

What you have to do is use the drop down menu on the message panel and change the From line to that of your Tiscali e-mail address (or whatever ISP's service you use).

You can then Reply or Forward as usual via your own Tiscali or other ISP's server.

  Danoh 00:05 20 Nov 2006

I could not resist testing out FreeOla's option for him today ~ just hope it serves him well!!
Have set up his Outlook and dial-up access successfully for FreeOla.
Not tried adding his Yahoo account yet, to try and see if that would work via FreeOla.

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