Which desktop PC package is the best value?

  savthesav 12:01 12 Dec 2006

I have £500 to buy a relatively basic desktop PC package for my family (to include a 17" monitor, mouse and keyboard). I need something that's relatively futureproof, but doesn't need to be used for intense gaming (my kids are still too young!) What package represents the very best quality and, more importantly, reliability for this money?

  [email protected] 12:28 12 Dec 2006

Dell offer a good range and are competitively priced click here

  stylehurst 14:04 12 Dec 2006

Personally, I would suggest Novatech. Equipment is reliable, and their support is superb.

  The Brigadier 15:59 12 Dec 2006

Novatech could be the best to go for, their range starts from click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:26 12 Dec 2006

click here is an excellent machine that will last for years and you can take it home with you and have it ready in an hour. Don't accept the warranty or half price AV/firewall (ask here for freebies that are as good as paid for) and decline the offer of the surge protector. Go in, grab, pay , go home no messing about.


  Totally-braindead 18:22 12 Dec 2006

The PC GANDALF <|:-)> has given a link to is excellent, good bunch of all round components and good price. I would check that the graphics supplied can be upgraded though. If it has a PCI Express slot then its fantastic value for money and the upgrade if you wish it to Vista Premium too. I know you said no intense gaming but kids do like games and without the option to upgrade you're stuck.
I built my PC at Xmas last year and I was about that price for the components to build it and that was without buying a new operating system, monitor, keyboard and optical drives so its at least £200 cheaper than my PC was and probably more.

  [email protected] 20:00 12 Dec 2006

i bought the predesessor (sorry previous model!) compaq 1909 5 months ago, pci express great m/b, i now have ge force7600gt which plugged straight in, on board graphics played all games doom3 wow etc i just bought seperate card to free up cpu a lttle as g says, they will try and sell add ons, i told them twice i didnt want free accidental damage cover, they still put it on i had to go back and get them to change it, it seemed they wernt interested in selling the pc just the cover! anyway i have no regrets! best of luck

  [email protected] 20:01 12 Dec 2006

onboard graphics le 6150le is 64 meg with up to 256 shared memory btw

  countryboy 20:19 12 Dec 2006

Bought one a couple of weeks ago from Currys, very impressed by performance but will put in a graphics board when I upgrade to Vista for free. Paid an extra £20 for an HP 19 inch widescreen monitor.

  pcw Manager!!??! 21:02 12 Dec 2006

Good call ! Put a good PCI Express card in this and its an excellent machine. (I set one of these up with 7600 GT for running flight sim X Brilliant!!)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:21 12 Dec 2006

In all fairness the card will be OK for most medium gaming and if the kids want to upgrade, it will be in a few years and you will then probably be looking at a new machine that is set up specifically for gaming. The Compaq will be more than enough for the majority of tasks for many years. It has the advantage of an excellent 19" monitor which you will appreciate hugely.


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