Which Dell laptop?

  shellship 16:48 18 Apr 2006

A colleague of mine is going to buy his first laptop. He will want it for email, internet, wordprocessing and spreadsheets. Not a gamer. He has had many recommendations to go for a Dell. ( I have had several Dell desktops over the years and they have been great). The question is, which one? What is the difference between Latitude and Inspiron to start with? It is by no means clear from Dell's website.

Anyone out there to help, please.

  wjrt 17:51 18 Apr 2006

click here

as seen on tv box
inspiron 6400
downgrade from 3 year to 1 year service support should be £548 for a spec which seems good

  961 09:30 19 Apr 2006

Just got an Inspiron 1300 for £339

Works great for the requirements specified. Well finished and well set up to run out of the box

Couldn't wish for more

  Belatucadrus 12:12 19 Apr 2006

Likewise running an Inspiron 1300, the cheapest laptop I could find at the time. Before that I'd had a 300Mhz FIC which did everything I wanted and only its unfortunate demise prompted the Dell purchase. The one upgrade I'd consider would be increasing the RAM to 512Mb.

  shellship 13:05 21 Apr 2006

Thanks all. Will post as resolved tho' if anyone else wants to comment I would be grateful.

  dontmeshwithme 01:10 23 Apr 2006

PC pro has rated a lot of laptops this month, they are the higher spec (£1000 ish) but all have the new intel duo chips, if you friend is going to be driving the processor resonably hard these are definately the way to go. Me personally I use a Dell inspiron 9300 for work, it's a lovely machine and great for running office apps. All I would say though is get your friend to pop down to PC world and have a look at the various laptops on display as the new types of screen coming onto the market (like the sony black ones) are gorgeous. Just tell him not to buy from there!! Hope this helps. Finally if you do buy dell I also recomend downgrading the warrenty as per wjrt. It will save you a fortune.

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