Which CPU and RAM to choose?

  mhx47 19:32 16 Nov 2014

Hello, I am upgrading PC with primal aim for gaming.

I though that i5-4460 should have enough power but when I mentioned I want do also some video editing, xeon E3-1231v3 was recommendet to me. I don't know how big difference is between these two in performance but it would cost me £50 more. I only know that it has higher stats (while doesn' have integrated GPU which I don't think I would use)but don't know how they would reflect in games and rendering videos. Also I had probles to find reviews for xeon so I don't know how good it is in it's category for stated price.

Second thing I need some RAM which could serve me for 5+ years. I want 16GB, 1600MHz, but I don't know which brand to choose. May you list me some brands you have good experience with, is well known from which I could pick one with good price?

My rig:


PSU: Chill Innovation CP-510A 510W

SSD: Samsung 840 series

MB: going to buy probably GA-H97-HD3

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