which cpu

  chamoclafastic 19:17 05 Jan 2006

I'm looking to buy either a amd athlon64 4000+ with 1mb l2 cache or a amd athlon x2 3800+ with only 512kb of l2cache does the l2 make any difference?


  ade.h 19:23 05 Jan 2006

That's like comparing custard with red wine. The 1MB cache is a real boost, but the other model is dual core.

If i had to pick, I would go for the larger cache, given that it is still a quick processor.

  Mahboob 19:23 05 Jan 2006

Your friend is also unsure if they should buy a PC with an Athlon processor or an Intel one. What advice would you give them?

the question is worth 15 marks, so bascially i gota make like 15 points, but I dont have a clue, all I know is that AMD is cheaper. Please help trying to revise for an exam Thank You by the way I am new at dis first time

  ade.h 19:27 05 Jan 2006

I can't answer your question, but it really belongs in either the Helproom or Beginners sections. You have posted it in someone else's thread which, as well as being unfair to the originator of this thread, means that you won't get any reply notifications and may struggle to find it again.

  chamoclafastic 19:41 05 Jan 2006

ok thanks. As i'm building a gaming pc i thought the cache might have something to do with it.


  ade.h 19:50 05 Jan 2006

I'm not a gamer, but I'm not sure that the larger cache would have a great deal of effect in that use. It is designed to cope better with large amounts of multimedia data - audio, video, etc. That's one of the reasons why video editors tend to use P4s with the 2MB cache.

If you had mentioned gaming at the start, I would have erred towards dual-core.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:17 05 Jan 2006

Before the recent site update I looked at Tom's Hardware Guide and, in the cpu tests, surprisingly, the Athlon64 4000+ outperformed the Athlon X2 4800+ by a small margin in many Tests. Fast single core is the way to go for games as most are not written to take advantage of multiple cores/cpus as they run in a single thread, so I read recently before buying an Athlon64 4000+ myself.

  chamoclafastic 23:27 06 Jan 2006

can anyone recommend cheap prices for these? (amd64 x2 3800, and the amd64 4000)

  Ski-lo 01:20 07 Jan 2006

That's interesting to note about the effectiveness of the AMD x2 4800+ and the single core 4000+ in gaming, as I read somewhere that the AMD x2 4800+ is effectively 2 AMD 4000+ processors!

Also note on other aspects, office work, 2d, 3d and multitasking, I have read several reviews on how the AMD x2 4800+ processor topped the charts on all accounts against an AMD 4000+ and a Pentium D 840 (3.2GHz).... Which is why I have just ordered a computer with an AMD x2 4800+ processor!

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