Which computer is most worth my money?

  JoshBond 06:49 14 Jun 2012


I have recently decided to buy a desktop pc but I am not sure which computer I should buy. I have a limit of £500 :)

I would use the desktop mainly for playing games but I don't think I need the biggest specs to play them (minecraft and runescape). I would also want to be able to run a minecraft server off my computer (around 20 people at most).

I would like to be able to stream video in hd and music off sites like youtube and bbc iplayer.

Thanks for reading and all suggestions are welcome :)

  Terry Brown 07:03 14 Jun 2012

With a limit of £500, I don't think you will get a computer that is capable of acting as a server for 20 people,and as for HD video most modern machines will play them, however you might encounter problems if you try to do anything else at the same time.


  spuds 10:14 14 Jun 2012

It might pay to do a archive search within this forum, because there are many similar "what can I get for £500" questions that appear on a regular basis.

Another alternative is perhaps contact someone like Novatech, Ebuyer, Dell and see what they can or would offer. At least going this way, you should get an indication as to latest pricing and specifications available.

  [email protected] 12:56 14 Jun 2012

Ignore raybelle2000's SPAM post.

With regards to your minecraft server, you will probably find that your internet connection will be the bottleneck as opposed to the computer itself. Minecraft isn't a particularly taxing application to run. Take a look here to see how many players you should be able to host a server for.

Would you be happy to build your own PC or would you prefer to by a pre-built one? Will you need to buy Windows or do you already own a copy?

  [email protected] 13:02 14 Jun 2012

Also, will you require a monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers?

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