Which Colour Inkjet Printer?

  Fishbox 10:39 19 Apr 2006

My Canon S630 hasn't responded to all the advice I've had to fix it and am reluctant to spend £70 plus on getting it professionally sorted.Have a budget of about £150.Need a stand-alone colour inkjet printer which:
1.will be mainly for general use with occasional photos up to A4
2.uses separate colour ink cartridges
3.has reasonable running costs.
4.take compatibles
5.doesn't need a dedicated brand of photopaper to achieve reasonable results (Aldi's paper has been fine so far.)
6.is reasonably fast and not excessively noisy.
Is there such a machine out there still?

  HondaMan 10:50 19 Apr 2006

Try here click here

Canon would be my preference

  Totally-braindead 11:07 19 Apr 2006

I would check out Amazon as they do free P&P on most of their printers and they are usually cheaper too. Epson are my favourite. But the Epsons I have do tend to be a bit noisy in my opinion. Check out the PCA charts in the magazine.

  pj123 12:15 19 Apr 2006

I have an Epson 895 which is, I admit noisy. But I also have an Epson R200 which is so quiet you have to look to see if it is actually printing.

Fits all of your criteria above and also prints direct to CD/DVD, providing you use "printable" media.

Compatible ink and photo paper etc from Choice Stationery click here

  Fishbox 12:30 19 Apr 2006

Thanks all for suggestions.I'm looking for recommendations for specific models like the one suggested by pj123.

  pj123 12:57 19 Apr 2006

Sorry, meant to post a link to the Epson R200

Here now: click here

  Woolwell 15:55 19 Apr 2006

Epson D88 which you can get for under £60 meets all of your requirements except that in my experience I have not found that Epson printers print photos well on anything but Epson branded photo paper.
Interested to know of other's comments on this. Suggest that you have a look at some of the HP's.

  SG Atlantis® 16:00 19 Apr 2006

click here PCWorld have it for £129

I have this one, it's fantastic and it's the latest model in the R range.

Get your compatibles at pj123's link.

Cheap and reliable.

  SG Atlantis® 16:01 19 Apr 2006

*to run

Cheap *to run and reliable.

  pj123 16:59 19 Apr 2006

Woolwell, it's possible you may not be setting your printer up correctly to print photo's.

I have never had any problems with Choice Stationery Photo paper and have printed up to A4 with no problems. Have even got some of the prints framed and put up on the wall.

  SG Atlantis® 17:28 19 Apr 2006

I'm using paper from Jessops, "Photo Ink Jet Paper 260gsm GLOSS6x4" on my R340 Epson. It's exceptional and the paper was £2.99 for 50 sheets.

Agree with pj123 check your settings.

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