Which cheap tft monitor?

  Mr Scone 12:24 04 Nov 2004

Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a cheap tft monitor and have found 2 for about the same price. One is from e-bay (Relisys TL540) click here

the other is from Aria (15" Aria Value-Plus TFT Black) click here (near bottom of page).

Does anyone have any thoughts on which one to go for?



  961 14:31 04 Nov 2004

The first one seems to have a £15 delivery charge plus VAT on the whole price. Price may rise by close of auction. Also 30ms reaction time too great. Not a good idea I feel

Second one seems better value, plus 20ms response time

I've just bought 17" LG from dabs @ £220 delivered which has terrific screen plus no dead pixels and 16ms response time. I accept this is a higher price band

  Stuartli 15:58 04 Nov 2004

New 15in TFTs with three year warranty and 16ms response time are available for £157 from SVP:

click here

  Mr Scone 15:58 04 Nov 2004

Thanks 961, it's good to get someone elses opinion. I'm actually looking to buy 2 for a friend who needs them for her children's birthdays and am also buying 2 barebones systems to go with the monitors. The cheapest/best value bare bones system I can find has a beige tower/keyboard and mouse so am wondering if the Relisys monitor will 'go' better with this colour?

The prices of both monitors work out as...

Relisys = £129 + £129 + £15 delivery + £10 for the second item = £283

Aria = £135.07 + £135.07 + £15.43 delivery = £285.56

Price is the same.

Finally, probably most importantly, what does the response time actually mean? Will I notice the difference between 20 and 30ms? Does this difference in responce time make up for the advantages of the Relisys monitor (Built in speakers, brighter screen, Higher contrast ratio)?

I'm sorry to ask so many questions but I need to make sure I get the best deal possible.

Thanks again


  Mr Scone 16:09 04 Nov 2004

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, I have to find the lowest price possible and even though the monitor you suggest has a better spec, I just can't stretch the budget that far.



  961 16:14 04 Nov 2004

As far as the response time is concerned I feel you will notice the difference especially if you watch fast moving screen items, such as when playing games. Cathode ray monitors have response times of 1 or 2 ms. Speakers can be bought for a few pounds and colour is (male view) unimportant compared to working specs.

The other thing to consider if you are buying for children is that TFT monitors are considerably more delicate than CRT monitors. Childrens fingers poked at the screen may well inflict damage whereas glass crt monitors will not be damaged

  961 16:29 04 Nov 2004

Can I just say again that the price for the first seems to me to be £129+£14.99 delivery + vat at 17.5% which means £169 for the first and £163 for the second giving £332 for the two. The price quoted at the top of the page does not include vat

On that basis there is no doubt that the second is the better bet

But consider sticky fingers pointing to Mr Magoo onscreen

  Stuartli 17:11 04 Nov 2004

If you are prepared to wait a short while, remember that 15in TFTs were more than £200 not so long ago.

  pj123 17:44 04 Nov 2004

TFTs are not cheap yet. I can get 17", 19" CRTs for about £40 now. When TFTs are around that price then I would call them cheap.

  Mr Scone 20:27 04 Nov 2004

Thank you for your responses.

In light of the comments made, I have decided to go for the aria monitor.

Thanks to all


  Stuartli 09:14 05 Nov 2004

Just a small point - built-in speakers are a very poor substitute for the real thing.

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