Which Broadband Provider is best buy

  grumphy 11:34 02 Jan 2005

Any tips or pitfalls on who is the best or worst broadband provider

  lignum vitae 11:39 02 Jan 2005


  spuds 13:14 02 Jan 2005

You might find some good advice here click here ISP are constantly changing their deal packages, and terms and conditions, so what is in favour this month could be out of favour next month. I use Tiscali, and I would recommend it to anyone, as I have used this service since the days of the original Lineone.net without any major problems, but others may have a total different opinion of Tiscali.

  eego 15:28 02 Jan 2005

Depending on your anticipated usage, Wanadoo does a limited package at £17.99 per month, that includes a Free MODEM and a 1Gb connection speed.
There is however, soon to be a data download restriction of 2Gbs per month, but if you are a light user like myself this is perfectly adequate.
The package comes with an installation disc and is very easy to install. I have been running with it for more than 3 months and have no complaints. I did enquire of Tascali but there service did not extend to my area

  stylehurst 17:25 02 Jan 2005

If they are available in your area then have a look at Blueyonder (Telewest) Not the cheapest, but very reliable. Now do 1Mb service for £25 per month

  Stuartli 17:42 02 Jan 2005

Pipex - been serving major business and domestic customers since 1991 and has led the way many, many times in updating ISP technology.

Little point in paying the lowest price if the service and backup is not up to scratch.

Pipex has been one of my two dialup providers since 1996 - WorldOnline was added three years later because of its then astonishing £14.99 a month package of 24/7 Internet, cheap phone calls and the inclusion in that price of BT's £9.27 a month line rental...:-)

Tiscali, however, soon put a stop to such astonishing generosity....:-((

  lignum vitae 17:48 02 Jan 2005

eego............ does that wandoo rate include VAT.They dont mention it on the website.

  regi1 19:45 02 Jan 2005

yes it does and their support is pretty good too.

  regi1 19:46 02 Jan 2005

yes it does and their support is pretty good too.

  grumphy 20:00 02 Jan 2005

Lignam vita stuartli Stylhurst spuds eego Sorry had to go out thanks for your tips cheers grumphy

  rickf 20:13 02 Jan 2005

Been with plusnet and my experience is a very good one. Good support and up to the minute info re service status.

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