collene 14:08 12 Mar 2009

A friend of mine has just had a bad bug and has lost all data by having to have his hard drive wiped.

He uses AVG 8.0 like I do.

I was wondering if I should be using a PAID service instead of the free version -


Should I use something other than AVG - and should it be paid for or free??

Will anything stop bugs like these or is it a "hit & miss" job whatever you have as your anti-virus???

  Clapton is God 14:15 12 Mar 2009

There is absolutely no need to pay good money for any anti-virus program as there is nothing wrong with AVG or Avast - both of which are free and regularly recommended in these Forums.

It is important, though, to ensure that whatever you use is correctly set up to automatically update its definitions at regular, reasonable intervals (say, every 4 hours or so).

  collene 14:44 12 Mar 2009

Clapton is Gog -

Thanks - we both had it set to update every day - but friend will change it to every 4 hrs.

I have not heard of Avast but have read many reviews on PC advisor recently regarding problems with the new AVG 8.5

  Clapton is God 14:51 12 Mar 2009

Many people prefer AVG and many prefer Avast.

I've used Avast for many years without problems click here

  ened 15:27 12 Mar 2009

Just for your info.

I believe AVG is okay for most people and until this time last year I had used it for many years quite happily.

What happened was: they upgraded and told us the old version was no longer going to be supported.
I upgraded and it slowed my machine down to a crawl, so I reverted. I should point out that not everybody had this reaction.
The problem was that everytime I turned on the machine I had pop-ups from AVG reminding me to upgrade. This became intrusive after a while so I switched to Avast.

I am really pleased with Avast and would not now go back.

The bottom line is : so long as they do their job with minimum interference that is all you need.

  citadel 18:20 12 Mar 2009

you can get a oem version of kaspersky internet security 2009 or norton internet security 2009 for about for about £13 or £14, both are excellent.

  ened 18:41 12 Mar 2009

Why pay if you don't have to?

  961 19:39 12 Mar 2009

Two things......

I think that a lot depends on which sites you visit and which e-mails you click on

If you bank with Barclays, they provide a free sub to Kaspersky. I guess other on line bank sites may do the same

  citadel 21:04 12 Mar 2009

I have had avg and I prefer a paid for internet security that has everything av. anti spyware, firewall, etc. £14 for a year is not much.

  lindaloo 23:35 08 Apr 2009

i have avast nothing has got threw it . and its free

  dnjl 00:37 09 Apr 2009

Thanks a lot for all your help and info.

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