Which all-in-one PC is better -HP MS220 or Lenovo

  Rui Rui 22:06 22 Feb 2010

I can't figure out which compact all-in-one PC to go for. I came up with Dell's Inspiron One 19, the Asus EeeTop PC, and HP and Lenovo, but I've narrowed it down to:

- HP MS 220 (sold as MS228uk in the UK) (see click here for spec)

- Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z (see specs on click here or at click here )

Which of these has a reputation for reliability and being able to multitask with ease? Both the HP and Lenovo have cheaper 2GB versions, but presumably that isn't worth going for (main use is the net, a lot of docs, pdfs, word, multitasking)? What's also important to me is ability to raise screen to eye level to avoid neck pain - which is why Asus and Dell are bad as they dont really have adjustable bases. And I dont really need a huge screen as long as I can place two docs/pages side by side.Any tips appreciated!

  Why wont it work 22:58 22 Feb 2010

I'm not that clued up on all-in-ones, but I can definately tell you that the Lenovo with it's Core 2 Duo has quite a bit more processing power than the HP's Athlon II X2.

On the other hand the HP's HD3200 graphics card is probably a bit more powerful than the Lenovo's X4500. Neither of them would be able to play games very well, but for multimedia/ office work they'd both be fine.

There is probably not much in them, they're both good makes. Only other noticable difference I can see is that the Lenovo has a standard 16:10 widescreen whereas the HP is the wider-still 16:9 format (which is apparently better for films). Hope that helps a bit!

  Rui Rui 14:32 23 Feb 2010

Thanks, I'm mainly planning to use the PC for word docs, office type work (and not really gaming). The HP retails around £499 inc VAT, while the Lenovo retails at £525 PLUS VAT.

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