Which 56k v92 External Modem is the best?

  kurt_nirvana 11:32 14 Apr 2003

I was just wondering if anyone has recently bought a 56k external modem; I am thinking of buying one myself soon with v.92 capabilities, to replace my old US Robotics v.90 voice/fax modem.

I have looked at varies modems including another US Robotics one, which is quite expensive at around £60. I am finding it hard to find any reliable reviews of external 56k v92 modems and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what would be the best v92 modem to buy for speed and/or internet gaming.

  hellred 13:26 14 Apr 2003

Your existing Modem is just fine, altough the V92 Standard will theoreticaly provide you with a higher speed. That will depend on your ISP as his modem must be running on the same Protocol. So in the end you may have the ability run faster transmissions, but if the service provider does not offer V92 connection you will have wasted your money. Most dial up services still run on V90.

  BlitZace 14:16 14 Apr 2003

Go Broadband! :) Forget about ya 56k V.90, V.92, V.9 million or whatever Modem! For a little more than £60 you can upgrade your line to ADSL and buy a USB Modem. Some packages are as cheap as £20 a month! That's only £5 cheaper than most of the 56k packages :D Go for it! JT

  Terrahawk 14:42 14 Apr 2003

if you are looking for speed/gaming then broadband if available is probably your best option as for your modem us robotics keep it they are good modems i still have mine as backup if there are any probs with my bb conection

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:18 14 Apr 2003

I have just tested a couple of the £12 modems from PCW and there was no difference to my 3Com one which cost considerably more. Forget gaming un;less you are on broadband.


  kurt_nirvana 21:17 16 Apr 2003

1stNet and Electric Magic both support v92 56k modems-if anyone uses these ips's or can find out more about them-plz contact me.

Also in response to GANDALF - i regularly play counterstrike online with my 56k modem with a comfortable enough ping of 140/200. Considering i live across the water in Northern Ireland, quite a long way from servers i play on in England I dont think this is a bad ping and I am actually quite good at counterstrike thank you very much :)

Living where i live also restricts me to using a modem as broadband is not currently available in my area inless 200 people in sign a form on bt.com/ni whereafter 200 signatures, bt will upgrade the telephone exchange to accommadate adsl.

It seems that the number of people required to sign for broadband before bt consider installing it is about half way there... plz support broadband in rural areas by going to

click here

thank you

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