Which 22" monitor please!

  BRFCIDB 21:51 18 Dec 2008

I want to buy a monitor for Photoshop CS4 editing, I have £200 max, are any of the following any good?


Please can you recommend one?



  MAT ALAN 22:01 18 Dec 2008

Please can you recommend one?

click here

this,if was my money...

  perpetual motion 23:03 18 Dec 2008

BRFCIDB After the worst after sales service ive EVER had from any company "Dell" i wouldnt NEVER buy or recomend another product! to anyone period!!

if something goes wrong there website is just cluttered from top to bottom of pages & pages of such a long winded proccess to get such a simple answer & there customer support FORGET IT!!

  Forum Editor 23:22 18 Dec 2008

Dell is the world's second-largest computer seller, and it didn't get there by selling duff products. You may have had a bad experience, and it's fine to say that, but hundreds of thousands of people a day have a good experience.

  Forum Editor 23:23 18 Dec 2008

and I'll move it over now.

  perpetual motion 23:31 18 Dec 2008

FE the pc's are fine its the after sales that ive had that annoyed me, ive read reviews as well & many many mixed feelings about them..

its not just me..

click here

  ajm 01:33 19 Dec 2008

I just recently purchased the Samsung T220 monitor and I must say it's fantastic. I am hoping to buy a second one very soon for a dual monitor layout

  Tazfan 10:39 19 Dec 2008

I cant recommend the Samsung SyncMaster 2232sw strongly enough.
It is the clearest, brightest monitor I have seen to date. I got it in April, and I still cant get over how good it is.
It was more than £200 when I bought it, but no dount it is less than that now. I dare not look for the latest price in case its a LOT less now (which it probably is).



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