Which 1TB Portable Hard Drive?

  Rosejane 17:09 11 Apr 2013

As we had a PC disaster a few months ago, I am sensitive about keeping back-ups. Fortunately I am fairly conscientious about this & was also able to rescue the hard drive. I am looking for a 1TB portable hard drive with the right type of s/w included with the device. I don't feel I should have to buy s/w separately? I bought & returned to John Lewis a Toshiba because it did not do an incremental back-up of files. If you need 1 TB, you have a lot of . The back-up started from the beginning each time & took over 5 hours. I've looked at a WD one but that does not do a complete system back-up. Ideally I'd like to do a full back-up once in a blue moon & an incremental one about once a month (or more often after, say, a holiday). I don't keep a back-up permanently attached but in a fire proof box in another part of the house. My old back-up drive met these requirements but is getting too small. It only does full system back-ups under Windows 8 (was incremental under 7). I'd be grateful for suggestions as I find the product descriptions on Amazon or PC World rather vague (hence the Toshiba mistake).

  chub_tor 19:22 12 Apr 2013

Did you know that Win 8 includes incremental backup software? If this suits your needs then you can buy almost any 1 Tb external hard drive.

  Rosejane 19:43 12 Apr 2013

I did wonder about that & I could use the s/w from my old drive to take an occasional full system one? Thanks for the suggestion.

  Rosejane 18:28 14 Apr 2013

I bought a WD backup. The s/w with this was also poor - no system backup & it didn't backup my husband's data (we have separate accounts) - this was a problem with the Toshiba s/w too but at least you could override it. The 'Erase' that came with the WD s/w didn't work either. How can they sell such rubbish. I deleted the files manually & am using Windows 7 File Recovery which still comes in a rather hidden way with Windows 8. In spite of the misleading name, it backs up exacting as I wanted it with a system backup & incremental file backup for ALL users.

  Flak999 19:22 15 Apr 2013

I have a WD 1Tb drive, and as you say the included software is rubbish. I use Acronis true image to handle my backups, you can schedule full or incremental backups with this software.

I find it extremely versatile.

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