Which 13 inch notebook should i buy ?

  mirciu88 10:29 24 Sep 2014

Hello. I'm looking to buy a highly portable laptop / ultrabook / notebook , to carry around as i'm an architect and very often i need to have a laptop that can run at least my main drafting software ( BIM type program similar to Revit ). Not for permanent use, not for rendering or Photoshop stuff because i have a desktop for that. So, i'm thing it should be lighter and smaller than the standard 15 inch laptops that i've had in the past. I'm looking at the 13 inch laptops that are lighter and smaller and seem easyer to handle, carry and set up in tighter spaces. I would pay up to 600$ / 500e for it( i'm from europe ).
Not looking for touchscreen although most seem to have that, but that is a useless feature to me that i would rather not pay for. It should have a processor like the i3 or the i5, and preferably a dedicated video card but i'm also wondering if certain graphical adaptors are capable of handling a 3d model of a building in the viewport. I see that the intel proc's have a hd4000 or hd4400 graphical adapter . Not really interested in the material, but for my budget it should be plastic, although aluminium would have been nice.

I would appreciate a suggestion or two, thanks.

  mirciu88 12:43 24 Sep 2014

Since i can't find an edit button for the post above, i'll post here some options that i think may be ok .

Hp pavilion 14t Lenovo s410p
Lenovo u330p

  HondaMan 13:07 25 Sep 2014

Why not consider a MacBook? They tend to be on the pricey side, but very good?

  mirciu88 10:43 26 Sep 2014

Well, the cheapest 13" macbook is about 1.5 times the price i would like to pay, and i'm a bit the reluctant type to test radically different stuff ( mac os vs my well known windows ). I would like to stick to windows.

The way i see it , the ones that fit my price range are the non touchscreen, integrated graphics small notebooks. The main question is wether the software that i need , which dates back to 2009, really needs a discrete video card or the 4000/4400 intel hd integrated adapter will sufice.

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