Where to throw my money? Custom specialists!

  CraigPotter 01:27 13 Nov 2014

Hello, I previously asked a question, and I didn't know I have a world limit so Il keep this brief.

I have a budget £750

I have an ambitious request of a PC that can run new gen games on ULTRA settings, for gaming purposes, but also for purposes that I need to be able to video and photo edit, which also means rendering in 1080p or higher..

I have two PC's that I have fished out myself, and OBVIOUSLY I prefer the look of the one on amazon.. But rumors have me troubled of buying from non-offical PC sites..

Amazon PC: click here PC: click here click here tell me which one is best, is buying from sites such as amazon suitable? And give me a whole new PC to buy if you think it is more suited for my purpose? Yes I'm asking for personal shoppers! Please and thank you! Would really appreciate the help!

Notes: I don't think I could maintain water cooling, and I cannot build one myself.

PCspecialist Please

  lotvic 11:40 13 Nov 2014

I'm looking at the pc's on ChillBlast.com at the moment to replace my pc (final decision not yet made) previous reports on pca forum about them seem to be good.

  CraigPotter 14:56 13 Nov 2014

I would get an operating system from a "Free" source, il use my pals install disc

  lotvic 18:49 13 Nov 2014

"..operating system from a "Free" source, il use my pals install disc"

You are on the wrong forum, Unless you're meaning Linux

  CraigPotter 22:22 13 Nov 2014

Oh am I? Which forum should I be on? You see I need help in picking a PC Dx

  Forum Editor 23:39 13 Nov 2014

"Which forum should I be on?"

Not this one, if you're talking about using someone else's operating system installation disc. If that's Windows you'll be breaking the licence agreement by doing so.

  CraigPotter 01:05 14 Nov 2014

Its a purchased install disc, perfectly legal? Or I could buy it myself if that's a problem? What forum should I be on? I'm here for PC advice...

  lotvic 10:42 14 Nov 2014

The question is: Have you bought your own genuine Product Key to use with said install disc. If 'Yes' then no probs. (No pirates here)

  [email protected] 16:28 15 Nov 2014

I see they both have AMD processors. Do you have a preference to AMD over Intel? Just that Intel CPUs (for example an i5), tend to perform better than AMD for gaming. AMD have been struggling to catch up with Intel for some years now.

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