Where is the safest and best place to sell these?

  rickf 08:19 23 Oct 2003

I want to sell the following because my eyes are bigger than my stamoch, a habit I am trying to curb. I am a sucker where IT technology is concerened All brand new.
Netgear DG814 modem router
Portable LCD DVD player and TV with in-car attachments and more.I am asking because it seems such a hassle to sell through Amazon. ebay etc. Thanks

  SheffieldSpy 09:03 23 Oct 2003

Computer fair??

  rickf 09:17 23 Oct 2003

Can't do Comp Fair as I am not a trader. Just an enthussiat. Bought things when I should not have and not really needed. Thanks anyway.

  MIKE-MALONE 09:21 23 Oct 2003

When you say hassle what do you mean as ive sold items on ebay before now, and things have always gone ok, so i would say that they would be your best bet since you can reach a far wider audience thus making it easier to sell

  24seven 10:16 23 Oct 2003

How about your local newspaper?

  rickf 10:38 23 Oct 2003

Good to know Mike. Will probably have to try there or Amazon. Thanks all for suggestions.

  Stuartli 14:03 23 Oct 2003

Or a cheap ad in local newsagents or shops - but only give a telephone number to avoid unwanted visitors for such attractive goods...:-)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:24 23 Oct 2003

£20, cash.


  rickf 08:35 24 Oct 2003

I find your response very offensive. Why is FE allowing to get away with it on a consistent basis? Lesser offensive remarks have been taken out.May I suggest that you might have a slight problem with yourself.If you can't post a constructive response keep it to yourself. If you are sad and lonely with nothing better to do, go and join a social club or are you too unconfident to show yourself apart from making snide remarks on this forum behind a computer. I posted this in good faith and I don't need to be insulted by the likes of you.

  Forum Editor 14:52 24 Oct 2003

There is nothing 'offensive' in the post, but I can't say the same for your response, which is antagonistic to say the least. Let the world take a turn, and realise that what was said was merely a humorous reaction to the obvious value of the items.

I'm not allowing anyone to 'get away' with anything here, and I think that in the circumstances the best thing to do is lock the thread - it's Friday, and the evening approaches.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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