Where have all the Monitors gone? Please tell Mesh

  arricarry 19:51 20 Feb 2004

Hello - Has anybody else had trouble getting a monitor from Mesh computers, to be exact ths 19" Iiyama TFT. They always seem to get let down on the day of delivery. I have been told there is a shortage of "special glass" that is required to make these devices, can this be true! and if it is, is it the fault of the nanotechies, does grey goo loom? will Bill Gates give all his money away?
Will Gordon Brown slash taxes? Got to go the men in white coats are here.

  dewskit 21:59 20 Feb 2004

Was browsing dabs.com earlier and noticed they are quoting a 3-4 weeks delivery on some Iiyama monitors, with quite a few others noted as 'temporarily unavailable', so maybe it's not just Mesh


  Sir Radfordin 22:34 20 Feb 2004

There have been rumours of a shortage of TFT screen components - though scan.co.uk (click here) have said many times they don't seem to have a problem sourcing them.

  arricarry 10:20 21 Feb 2004

Thanks - have had my Prozac and am feeling much better. Thank you from both of us for the information.

  MESH Support 10:33 21 Feb 2004

I think it most likely due to the huge increase in demand for them over the last year. The prices have come down a huge amount and they are more accessible to the home user. The Iiyama 19" is in particular high demand after recent rave reviews.

Your name is down to receive one of the batch we are expecting, unfortunately I cannot tell from here (home) whether the batch we were promised on Friday arrived in the afternoon.

I'll check Monday morning and get back you. I still have reminder of your details on my desktop so no need to forward me them in this instance.


Mesh Support

  Jester2K 10:43 21 Feb 2004

Wow - thats customer service for you.... If i didn't build my own i'd look at Mesh....

  arricarry 11:04 21 Feb 2004

Thank you. I rang sales this morning and they said they had arrived. However I rang on Wednesday and was told the same. Having said that the ratio of replies quoting Friday to any other day is about 3:1, so there is a sporting chance that they have arrived. Just hope they are the right colour. (Don't hit me)

  Stuartli 14:55 21 Feb 2004

The Register carried a story a week or two back stating that over the coming year production of TFT LCD screens would continue to slightly exceed demand.

For that reason products using such screens will continue to fall in price:

click here

  arricarry 19:32 21 Feb 2004

Sods law - when they get into full swing production nobody will want them.

  Rayuk 20:22 21 Feb 2004

I dont think so.

There is a shortage of Iiyama models across the board at the moment look at
Scan/Aria/Mesh and anywhere else that usually stocks them

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