where has netmeeting gone???

  cleggy 15:16 13 Nov 2003

I deleted netmeeting 3.1 to try to overcome a problem thinking it may have become corrupt but when I tried to download again the download site came up quickly but the download link for Win Me could not be found, is this something else that has gone in the battle to make us all get Win XP or heaven forbid there is an update coming

  TopBloke37 16:15 13 Nov 2003

If you already an AIM chat user then you already have acces to netmeeting. If not download the program and set yourself up with a chat name etc. Then when you open up the program click on "people" at the top, then down to "Add Ins" and netmeeting program is there for you. Hope this helps. Dave.

  Stuartli 17:37 13 Nov 2003

Have you tried Trillian?

It works with all messenger services such as ICQ, AOL etc.

  cleggy 18:36 13 Nov 2003

I run win Me so have been able to get it back with restore so no probs, the thing is if i hadn't been able to do this it doesn't seem to be available at netmeeting.com

  sil_ver 22:16 13 Nov 2003
  cleggy 11:05 14 Nov 2003

thanks sil_ver your link which is the link I had been trying seems to be working , many thanks

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