where to get an all region DVD drive?

  BeForU 17:48 07 Oct 2003

Hello! Does anybody know where to get an all region DVD drive for the PC from an online store? Preferably a Japanese/Asian brand would be good! Thanks!

  johnnyrocker 18:04 07 Oct 2003

click here



  BeForU 19:34 07 Oct 2003

thanks for the link but what im really looking for is a DVD drive for my PC and not a stand-alone one!

after some heavy searching ive managed to come across a DVD drive that took my attention! click here

the one that interests me is the Samsung SD-616QBB 16x48x DVD-ROM! for an extra £5.88 i can have it region free as well!

so what i would like to know is this a good drive or are there better ones?

  Wizzle 20:52 07 Oct 2003

why not get any old dvd player and then download AnyDVD which will make the drive multi-region.

  BeForU 20:59 07 Oct 2003

well ive tried a few so called region free programs for my current DVD drive and they just dont work! so buying a region free dvd drive is the only option i can see so far!

  kinger 21:09 07 Oct 2003


DVD Region-Free is an unique, effective and easy-to-use DVD tweaking tool.

It enables you to watch & copy DVD from any region on your region-locked
DVD drive. You needn't hack DVD drive (flash firmware) which is sometimes
dangerous, useless or unavailable.

DVD Region-Free disables region check for popular software-based DVD players such as
PowerDVD, WinDVD, DirectDVD, CinePlayer, Windows Media Player, PCFriendly Player,
InterActual Player, TheaterTek DVD and UltraDVD.

DVD Region-Free also enables DVD backup programs such as DVDFab, DVD2One, Pinnacle
InstantCopy, DVD Shrink and Nero Recode to copy DVD from any region directly.

Other features include Region-Free for RCE DVDs, Macrovision-Free, Operation-Free,
Direct-Play DVD Menu or Movie, and run self at DVD programs startup automatically.

3. Installation

The latest version of DVD Region-Free can be downloaded from the following
Web page:

click here

Once you downloaded the distribution archive, copy its content into
the temporary directory and run setup program. If any older
installation of DVD Region-Free exists in your system, it is recommended
to uninstall it prior to running DVD Region-Free setup.

During the setup, please follow instructions on display.

4. System Requirements

Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98, 98SE or Windows NT4.0 SP5+
PowerDVD 3.0/4.0/XP/5.0, WinDVD 2000/3.0/4.0/Platinum/5.0, ATI DVD Player,
CinePlayer 4.0, Sonic CinePlayer 1.5, DirectDVD, NVDVD, Windows Media Player,
PCFriendly Player, InterActual Player, TheaterTek DVD or UltraDVD
DVDFab, DVD2One, Pinnacle InstantCopy, DVD Shrink or Nero Recode
Pentium II 350MHz or above with 64MB RAM
1MB hard drive space for installation

5. Quick Start

Run your favorite DVD player software as usual, DVD Region-Free will work well automatically.

See "Quick Start" section in DVD Region-Free Help for more information.

6. Order Information

DVD Region-Free is distributed as shareware. That means, you can install
and try it for 30 days. During this evaluation period, software is fully
functional. To continue using DVD Region-Free after the 30-day evaluation
period, you should pay a registration fee.

Please visit DVD Region-Free ordering web page:

click here

See "Order Information" section in DVD Region-Free Help for more information

7. Contact and support

Support and suggestion:

[email protected]

Sales question:

[email protected]

General contact:

[email protected]

DVD Region-Free Download Page:

click here

DVD Region-Free FAQ Page:

click here

DVD Region-Free Order Page:

click here

  BeForU 21:16 07 Oct 2003

ummmm....yeah i already tried that program and it doesnt seem to work! thanks anyways though!

  The Sack 21:27 07 Oct 2003

You have to make the DVD-ROM drive region free before you start fooling windows in to thinking it is region free.

You will probably find a firmware here click here that will make your drive region free.

  Ironman556 23:40 07 Oct 2003

Seems a pretty good drive, I've not used it for any region other than R2, but the options there if I want to. I know there's other ways of working around, but for £5 is iot worth messing about?

  kuhbler 19:41 09 Oct 2003

I use a SD-616F which I region-freed myself using a little firmware patch I found (think on the website mentioned above. It was quite a while ago so can't remember).

To be honest I would pay the extra to have the company do it just in case it all goes wrong and the drive stops working, at least they would be liable for it.

I always had problems with DVD-Region Free as well. Worked with some stuff that didn't have macro-vison and nothing that did. Was using WinDVD as the software.

  chuds 20:08 09 Oct 2003

I have three dvd drives in three seperate machines, all region free via firmware upgrades.

It is very easy to do, but read the instructions contained in any update file first.

Liteon's are easy and very nice drives.

Try DVD Genie, I have been using this for five years now and have had no problems at all.

Remember under XP the rules about region changes are different, it defaults to only one change.

DVD Genie can be found here click here and there are also links to firmware upgrade sites.

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