Where to find cheapest reliable laptop?

  theDarkness 22:02 06 Aug 2008

Where can i get the cheapest possible laptop system for someone starting to get into computing? ive been told i should be able to find one (including tax and delivery) for around £120 or less? i would imagine it probably be without windows? i guess i would have to avoid high st stores in looking for such a cheap system (pc world et al).. so where should i go? Ideally it would be the cheapest system that has a dvd player and will run vista or xp without any noticeable slowdown, and is brand new. Any ideas on where to look, both with online and offline uk stores? Thanks for any help if possible :)

  Stuartli 22:55 06 Aug 2008

Whoever told you that price (for "brand new") was pulling your leg......:-)


click here

for good value secondhand examples.

  theDarkness 00:22 07 Aug 2008

some of those second hand refurbished laptops match the price range at least. Lol :) thanks for the link, forgot about checking out bigpockets for hardware. I guess when wanting a laptop for the basics eg net browsing and word, most of those shown should do the job for around the £130 mark (when available-noticed quite a few out of stock). Not so sure about hard drives at 20gb, that could fill up fast with modern software (if runnable!). I guess theres always the option of connecting a spare usb hd if they ever needed one, upgrading any inner hard drive for a laptop could prove more hassle than its worth.. :) cheers

  Stuartli 10:58 07 Aug 2008

You'll be surprised just what you can achieve even with a 20GB hard drive.

Over the years I've had 850MB, 1.3GB, 1.7GB, 6.4GB, 20GB, 60GB and now 320GB hard drives, plus a 400GB external drive, and I've never managed to fill a hard drive up yet...:-)

  theDarkness 16:53 11 Aug 2008

yeah, i guess nowadays with such large hard drives available, alot of space is wasted. If i installed half of the unnecessary software or files then im sure i would have hundreds of spare gig now available.. but then i remember when i used to think 128k on my sinclair zx speccy was too much space to handle. Lol!

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