Where do you buy your pc stuff from?

  SB23 11:33 06 Oct 2006

I was in my local area this morning, and near where I used to live, a new computer shop,(independant) has opened.
I'm a curious type of person so I went in to browse to see what the prices were like.
Items on the whole seemed abit more expensive, but the assistant came across and said that anything I couldn't see, the shop could order for me. When I asked for a price list or catalogue to give me an idea, the assistant basically said that because of the dollar, prices didn't stay at what they were for long, so a price list wasn't possible.

With online retailers, such as Ebuyer, (who I use), it struck me as abit odd. Are they really getting stuff from abroad, or am I missing something? Because at the prices in the shop, they obviously can't be making any savings.

Lastly, where do you buy from?

  Diodorus Siculus 11:47 06 Oct 2006

Novatech for the most part; occasionally a few bits and pieces (software generally) from Amazon.

  lisa02 11:49 06 Oct 2006
  Carpigiani 12:01 06 Oct 2006

I am of the opinion that if you can find a good local independent retailer, use them.

There used to be one in our small town who was really helpful, even though their prices were a little more than buying online, the free help & support they offered was priceless to me when first learning about computers.

Unfortunately they eventually went the way of too many small businesses an closed.

I now use Overclockers, Scan & yes even Ebuyer.

  Stuartli 12:14 06 Oct 2006

I use all the major online suppliers - Scan, Dabs, e-Buyer, 7DayShop, SVP, BigPockets and any others that can provide the required product at the best price.

In 10 years plus of ordering online I've had very, very few problems and I'm still in awe at the remarkable logistics that enable you to order something late on in the day and have it delivered, often quite early on, next day.

  De Marcus™ 13:24 06 Oct 2006

ebuyer, one hiccup which was speedily sorted out, next day.


Novatech, not one single problem, ever.

  darrenrichie 13:34 06 Oct 2006

I live near a Scan and i am able to order it online and pick it up when i am ready so i get best of both online and instore shopping! I do look at other online stores to compare prices but since i usually don't find too much difference so i use Scan. I have ordered from other online stores and i have never had any problems. Now comapre that with PC World and other "computer stores" and i am sure that there will be more problems with them than there are with online stores (stock, customer service etc.)

  FUl2tiV3 14:07 06 Oct 2006

mostly ebuyer, then amazon, pcworld collect at store
7dayshop (variaable service levels)
jessops (use their price match)
cd wow, 101cd

in the usa officemax for ink
and compusa for media and stuff
not much else is cheaper there

  SB23 14:15 06 Oct 2006

Do any of you really think that this shop is ordering from the states. Would there be any sort of benefit by doing that? Why mention the dollar if they're not? Never mind the waiting time.
I placed an order with Ebuyer for a pci wireless adapter that was out of stock, and I still had it within a week.

  stylehurst 14:35 06 Oct 2006

Novatech as far as I'm concerned prices are reasonable, and delivery is reliable.

  def90csw 15:21 06 Oct 2006

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