Where can you appeal against a charge by your ISP.

  BillyBee 15:31 21 Mar 2005

My future Son-in-law bought himself a new laptop, and signed up for a months free trial with AOL, he signed up in England on a 0800 number, but being a Soldier stationed in Germany, he needed to change his dialup telephone number when he went back to Germany.

AOL duly obliged with a new number in Germany, and off he went, until he checked his bank statement, half way through his first months FREE trial, charges started to arrive on his account, totalling £147.38 for the remaining two weeks, at the end of his so called free first month they took £15.99 for the next month, but two weeks into it, further extra charges have amounted to £67.

It turned out that AOL had given him an International telephone number to connect to AOL, which incurred these surcharges, but AOL says its not their problem, the bill will have to be paid, they have already taken the £147.38 and say he cannot have it back, he has tried every avenue with AOL to no avail, he’s stuck with these charges.

Surely there must be somewhere or someone that can help sort out these ridiculous charges, as stated before AOL doesn’t want to know.

  wee eddie 15:54 21 Mar 2005

I'm sure that the Army will be able to advise on a recommended procedure.

As to the lost money ~ I think it's lost.

  TomJerry 16:20 21 Mar 2005

if he tell them he is accessing net from the base without the knowledge of his commander, becuase he may disclose where he is about by accessing the net.

do not any think about Army, just watched too many 007 movies

  BillyBee 16:43 21 Mar 2005

TomJerry, no problems with his CO.

What we don’t understand is that in England all you pay is £15.99 and you dial a 0800 free phone number, no further charges, this he assumed would be the case in Germany, whereas it appears in Germany you pay £15.99 plus the telephone company charges, which haven’t arrived on his phone bill yet, the AOL’s extra charges are a mystery, none of the other soldiers working with him pay these charges, that’s why he questioned AOL, but to be honest AOL are not interested in the slightest.

Customer care eh!

  spuds 18:01 21 Mar 2005

Your future son-in-law could try these for further advice click here click here click here

  BillyBee 21:08 21 Mar 2005

Thanks spuds, checking them now.

  KingCanute 21:44 21 Mar 2005

Could try Trading Standards, they offer good advice and if they can't help will probably point you in the right direction.

  keithlik 11:16 24 Mar 2005

Crikey - I was just about to try AOL - ....but we comuter computer merchants must teach the big guys a lesson.

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