Where to buy VHS recorder

  impact 12:07 13 Jul 2007

At the moment i have a panasonic DVD recorder with a harddrive, i also have quite a few family tapes that i would like to transfer to dvd,i tried to start the task yesterday but my trusty old video has packed up and refuses to oblige,what i need is a cheap machine just to do the conversion for me,as i wont need it in future,thanks for any advice.

  bjh 12:24 13 Jul 2007

Asda sometimes still sell cheap VHS models, as does Richer Sounds. However, some of these are not "high quality" - one or other of them isn't nicam stereo. Are you able to borrow one from a friend ? The reason I'm suggesting this is, from painful experience, you need to get as good a quality at the first stage as you can. I did loads of transfers from VHS using my newer Sharp VHS machine, only to find out that the older machine produced a far superior image... I'd done thirty tapes... should I bother redoing them was my dilemma...

You may find it not much more expensive to buy a dual VHS and DVD machine - again I did see a cheapie in Asda - because that would do the job quickly and easily, and have resale value.

Richer Sounds link to VHS (& DVD) recorders
click here
Asda linkto online
click here
BUT the model I saw in store was £29:99 (and from a look at it was all singing).

  Totally-braindead 12:29 13 Jul 2007

Borrow one from a mate.

  spuds 12:57 13 Jul 2007

The answer is very simple, any retailer who sells electrical, tv and radio goods.

I had a similar VHS recorder to DVD recorder set-up. Got fed up with the cables and setting up etc, visited Currys a couple of weeks ago and came out with a Funai DRV-B2737 (DRV-B2734) dvd recorder/vhs recorder all for £129.97.

Not sure whether it was Currys, Asda or Tesco, but one of them had a vhs recorder on offer for about £30/£35 recently.

  Rayuk 13:34 13 Jul 2007

Tried ebay

  oldbeefer2 13:51 13 Jul 2007

Local paper classifieds?

  Stuartli 14:11 13 Jul 2007

Asda do a £50 Bush model with Nicam:

click here

The Funai mentioned earlier is just under £99 from Pixmana (if you wish to deal with a French online retainer).

You may not have heard of Funai, but at least one of its products of this type is rebadged by Toshiba under its own name.

  impact 15:17 13 Jul 2007

very sorry for delay i just posted my thread and had to pop out,i was searching the web and tesco do the Funai mono for £31-89,but dont give carriage cost,Argos do same machine for £34-99,so may go there

Stuartli i may as well go for the Funai,i didnt know that and it may come in handy one day,thanks again all, appreceited.

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