Where to buy a new Asus Laptop Screen

  Audio~~Chip 23:27 09 May 2011

Hello My Asus Laptop is in dire need for a new screen its a X58L series with a 15.4" TFT screen.

Does anyone have any known safe online source where I can get a new screen for this laptop please. I currently have the laptop tft panel dismantled down to the inner screen. Seems to have a bad reaction to pressure on the side left as well as faint lines which destort the picture

  Audio~~Chip 09:30 10 May 2011

Going into more detail about the problem with my laptop screen. when swicthed on if I hold the screen lid part on the upper left quarter to adjust angle of the screen the screen will go off.

I can see faint very thin lines when it is on. I have ganed access to the internal screen and can now see behind it. It looks like a metal frame with a white backing and a few wires going into the back.

What I am trying to find out is it a new screen or a back light I need and ideally where can I get the parts for this laptop please

  HondaMan 12:08 11 May 2011

I suggest you return it to Acer fgor repair. If you ring these people Acer Warranty Account, InfoTeam, Unit M, Eagle Road, Plympton, PL7 5JY por check out Acer's site, that should give you possibly a better address

  onthelimit1 15:26 11 May 2011

I've used this Manchester based supplier- click here

  chub_tor 19:19 11 May 2011

HondaMan, the laptop is an Asus not an Acer

If the screen is operating normally but only goes off when you move the lid to a certain angle it sounds more like a bad connection rather than a problem with the screen, the backlight or the inverter. If you are not confident about taking the machine apart yourself then I would find a local computer repair shop, explain the fault to them and ask for a quote.

  Audio~~Chip 21:23 12 May 2011

Hello onthelimit1 & chub_tor didn't known about my replies with the website changing. Does help if I select replies!

I have found Accupart in Manchester just beating LaptopScreens online price but only by a couple of quid. HondaMan its a ASUS not a ACER ! easily to confuse.

So far Accupart from Man seem ok, on admin just wait till tomorrow for delivery by Fedex to see if it arrvives in one and fully working.

Thank you all for calling, sorry for late reply.

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