Where to buy my PC??

  Sightly confused 11:23 31 Jan 2007

I’m looking to buy a home PC (my first) and have been doing a lot of research around what to buy and which supplier to use. I would mainly use it for gaming, surfing the internet, email, spreadsheets, and music. My budget goes up to £1,300 although I don’t necessarily need to spend that much, but I’m torn between going for value or getting the best PC I can afford at the moment to prevent having to upgrade in the near future.

My main concern however is who to buy from. I like some of the machines from Mesh, Cube and Vantage (the Vantage Nemesis and the Mesh X-treme SLI GS9 in particular have caught my eye), but I’ve read a few horror stories on this forum about bad experiences with reliability and service with those suppliers. I also noticed that Vantage have been stripped of a magazine award and the PCA have ended their association with them. I’ve heard better things about Dell and particularly Evesham, although I find them to be generally more expensive for similar systems.

It occurs to me that people may be more likely to post reviews and messages when they’ve had bad experiences than when they’ve had good or great experiences, and its possible that the complainants out there may just be the vocal minority as opposed to the silent majority of satisfied customers.

Can anyone advise on experiences they’ve had with the above suppliers, good or bad? Can anyone comment on Gladiator, Acer or PC Specialist, as I haven’t seen many comments about them on the web? Are there any other suppliers out there that people would recommend?

Finally, does anyone know, when rating a particular machine, if magazine reviewers take account of reliability and support or are the star ratings based purely on the performance of the system?

PS Sorry for the long thread

  Zero G 11:33 31 Jan 2007

If you want to buy from the High Street then PC World it may have to be.
But if you want to buy it on-line then have a look at Novatech who get good reviews, for more info click here
Acer have poor customer service & repairs.
Mesh have a lot of bad comments here, but some like them.
Evesham have good pc's, but some say after sales support is poor.

  Red Knight 11:49 31 Jan 2007

I've bought 2 pc's from PC Specialist, my dad's bought one, and they've all been awesome. The selection of components is really good (although there isnt much choice on brand, but they claim to try and get the best), and it's all much cheaper than anywhere else i've found on the net.
Their customer service has always been really good as well, quick reply to any queries/problems, and they're not hugely fussed about you customising the system once you've got it.

I've heard Vadim are really good, but only if you know exaclty what you're after (right down to the wiring) and they are a tad expensive.
Evesham make fairly reliable (altough noisey)PC's, their customer service is good too.

Hope this helps!

  Sightly confused 12:03 31 Jan 2007

Thanks for the above. I think the problem is you tend to hear about poor service or products more than you do when things are great, which is a shame for the suppliers, really.

I'll check out Novatech as well - thanks for that, Zero G. I quite liked the feel I got from PC Specialists web-site so I'll look at them in more detail - cheers Red Knight.

Anyone else have any comments on PC Specialist or any of the other suppliers mentioned?

  keef66 12:35 31 Jan 2007

All magazine reviews are based purely on the performance of the systems submitted for review. They clearly cannot look at long term reliability, nor do they cover tech support.

The companies I most often hear praise for are Evesham and Novatech

  Totally-braindead 13:49 31 Jan 2007

Novatech get my vote their customer service could really teach the others how to do it. There PCs are all built from standard components and as such are simple to replace or upgrade.
You might get a better deal elsewhere but the two barebones units I bought from them were excellent value for money and have had no problems whatsoever.

  Sightly confused 13:52 31 Jan 2007

Cheers. I hadn't heard of Novatech before but I've had a look at their web site and they seem good value.

Any other comments?

  stylehurst 14:32 31 Jan 2007

I think you will find that Vantage have gone into administration.
I've used Novatech for many years without problems.

  Sightly confused 08:49 01 Feb 2007


  tried 11:35 01 Feb 2007

Hi im confused as well!! Im looking at a powerc.com s power predator 3500+ with maybe a cpu, and memory upgrade hopefully to give a faster pc than my old dell 3500s type 5years old now! any advice greatfully recieved

  BioBob 11:37 01 Feb 2007

Vantage have gone into liquidation. Luckily we switched all our business to NSYS before Vantage made their announcement.

NSYS can be found at click here - they knock spots off previous suppliers so they come with my recommendation.

Their site is well laid out (bit slow to load on home page i notice, but thats the only criticism!). More importantly, if you want to do something slightly different, they will do it for you. Its a true Custom PC company not like the others touting around out there - and the component quality is high unlike some i can name!

So for quality and Custom PCs try NSYSonline.

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