Where to buy modded, chipped XBOX in the UK?

  Sparrowhawk 09:50 02 Dec 2004

XBOX with larger hard drives
that can read all formats DivX, MP3, JPEG, Multi-region, without remote...

Thanks in advance,

  Sparrowhawk 12:18 02 Dec 2004


I Goggled these sites but have no idea which ones are good:

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

Bookmarks for UK sites about modded Xbox:
click here

click here

  GibsonSt19 13:34 02 Dec 2004

The only one I've really seen i XBOX Alchemy. Not sure of the web address though.

  gobi 14:32 02 Dec 2004

I have used and would personally recommend Premodded (click here).
Their xbox is reasonable priced and the service is very good, with a support forum for their customer. The chip used is also well made and of good quality brand.

  Sparrowhawk 14:50 02 Dec 2004

Do you know if you can RECORD LIVE TV on these, whether on HARD DRIVE or DVD Recorder?


  MESH Support 15:32 02 Dec 2004

Not as far as I can tell, as there is no tv input into the box. If there was a way to stream TV over the network then I guess it would be possible.


  Q-Bie 15:42 02 Dec 2004

I too can recommend Premodded, I got my Xbox from them about 6 months ago, works a treat!


  Sparrowhawk 17:00 02 Dec 2004


I have also been recommended click here (London Console .com)

  Sparrowhawk 17:07 02 Dec 2004

Could you please answer Yes-No to the following requirements?

1. As a DVD Player, which FORMATS:

- Multi-Region: Yes-No

- DivX: Yes-No

- DVD+: Yes-No

- MP3: Yes-No

- WMA: Yes-No

- Jpeg: Yes-No

- CD: Yes-No

- SACD: Yes-No

- DVD-Audio: Yes-No

- SVCD: Yes-No

2. As it is or with modifications, can it be a VIDEO RECORDER?

- Using its own DVD Recorder: Yes-No

- If DVD Recorder, Dual-Layer: Yes-No

- Using its own Hard Drive: Yes-No

3. Connections:

- USB 2: Yes-No

- FireWire: Yes-No

- Ethernet: Yes-No

  gobi 23:35 03 Dec 2004

The answer is yes and no. Xbox is really just a Pentium III box. Technically, you could make it to behave as one. You could mod it to have USB, and firewire and also to have DVDRW. These mod are not commercially available though and it is more like a hobby. Check this site for more click here.
The modded Xbox bought from the mentioned shop would natively:

1. Yes for all (not sure about JPG and SACD).
2. Not a Video Recorder. I don't think there is a video in port - unless you manage to stream it to your box. You could rip DVD and CD to your HD though.
3. Only Ethernet.

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