where to buy laptop ide (pata) dvd drive+brackets?

  theDarkness 13:25 15 Nov 2010

Where can I buy a laptop ide (pata) dvd drive, with the correct metal bracket to hold the drive in place? Ebay has a very limited selection-the rest (all main stores) all sell sata laptop dvd drives and not ide, so I cant use any on the laptop I have here, with the wrong connection.

Another problem is the metal bracket that any drive uses to stay in the laptop without falling out-there are different kinds, and all models of drive (eg the wrong one-sata) never state if a metal bracket comes with it, or what shape and size it is! The laptop here uses a small bracket that would stay screwed into the back of the laptop in the middle. I have bought an ide/pata dvd drive recently for this laptop off ebay, but Ive found out that the bracket that came with it was the wrong shape. I needed one like this :- click here
but Im not paying £15+ for just a metal bracket (there are a couple on ebay right now, but not the right shape)-I could buy a second hand dvd drive for that same price.

Can anyone recommend a better uk store? I cant find anything on maplin, misco dabs etc. thanks for any help

  HondaMan 15:56 15 Nov 2010
  GaT7 17:27 15 Nov 2010

This will be very hard to find in the usual stores. I think your only options are eBay or forums that allow trading e.g. click here (you will need to register & be logged-in to make a 'Wanted' request). All the best with it. G

  theDarkness 22:52 16 Nov 2010

thanks! if I cant find anyone to trade with for a bracket (no idea what I could trade for one, unless someone was being generous, lol).. then I guess Im going to have to just buy another dvd drive. I emailed MSI about the laptop, and they always give me the official link to sending back the laptop for fixing, which isnt necessary since its warranty has expired, and that I know how to fit a bracket! Im assuming they just want me to pay big time in order to refit a new bracket (and/or an official MSI branded laptop dvd drive).

Thanks for the links-I know novatech and dabs have some "ide liteon slimline internal dvd drives", but its yet more money to waste (£30), when all I need is a bracket. I could always try emailing the stores as a last resort.. but Id doubt I would get anywhere with that. If anyone has looked at my photo in my first post, could anyone verify that the metal bracket used is the most common in shape and size for both sata and ide dvd slimline drives? I know some brackets are different and they dont always screw into the middle of the back of the drive, but I wanted to know what everyone else has (ide or sata), as I would assume that all slimline laptop dvd drives sold would always come with a bracket (unless its a gamble off ebay). I just want to make sure that the bracket I have in my picture would most likely be the one I would get with an ide drive from novatech or dabs. thanks

  GaT7 23:17 16 Nov 2010

When I said trading, I meant they purely buy & sell as well - this is what trading means too. Did you not at least have a look then? Say I had the part from a old defective drive, I'd let you have it for the postage. You'll get many people who build, repair PCs on those forums, who may have various bits gathering dust. Recently I sent someone a CPU bracket for the postage, which was all of 66p. G

  theDarkness 23:34 16 Nov 2010

yes, I took trading too literal in its meaning ;) but I was just about to have a look at avforums! ..if its a safe system then it might be worth posting. Ive just realised that the ide drive I bought last might well work on the drive, bracket or not, but it also has another minor issue.. the drive tray might well close, but its door doesnt quite fit completely into the laptop, as its slightly too bulky, so a fair bit of plastic is still hanging out. Perhaps selling this unwanted drive I have here now would be a good start on avforums or ebay before buying a new one. thanks

..but if anyone has a standard slimline dvd drive in their laptop, I would really like to hear your comment on the type of metal bracket it uses to fit and stay inside, if its the same as the one in my post or not. Since the major stores dont state which kind you will get with their laptop dvd drives, Im assuming there must be one that is more popular than the rest, so I just need to know if the one in my photo is it or not?

  mark2 07:31 17 Nov 2010

I recently purchased a sony dvdrw drive from novatech. I had to retain the bracket from the old unit, in my case it was a simple l shape retained by 2 screws, as your's appears to be.

You may be able to change the fascia on the drive to fit your old one, I did to fit a temporary replacement when my dvd failed.

The sony now fitted needed a little judicious filing of the fascia to fit snugly and aloow the dvd drawer to function smoothly.

  theDarkness 20:30 17 Nov 2010

Both of my drives are identical, a sony AD750B model, but they both use different length brackets and differing thicknesses of door. heres a paint job to prove it! >>>> click here

I did try putting the original drives thinner door onto the new drive, its eject button was in the right place too, on the far right. The door would not clip on, despite the clips on the back of the door being in the right place. The one on the far right of the old door just would not fit.
The new door staying on the new drive works ok in the laptop, but as you see from my pic, although it fits, it hangs out due to being much thicker.
It would seem that most brackets have the same 3 screw holes, 2 to fit to the back of any dvd drive, and 1 to screw into the laptop - as you can see from my two brackets, depending on model of drive they are of different lengths, using different screw holes on the back accordingly. I just wished I hadnt gone and broken the old one, lol. Both of my dvd drives from my pic have the same 4 screwholes, labelled 1,2,3,4. The "old" bracket-that I now need, used the second and third holes, so Im guessing thats likely to be the smallest bracket available. The new drive I have here uses a bracket that uses the first two holes on the drive, so that bracket is much larger in length-and therefore wont sit inside my laptop.

Did you get a bracket included with your sony dvd laptop drive from novatech?

  mark2 07:16 19 Nov 2010

no bracket, just a bare drive. I wonder if you could perhaps fashion a bracket from the clear plastic (impervious to knife ,nails fingers, etc) used for packing too many items nowadays?

  theDarkness 16:00 15 Dec 2010

forgot about this, sorry- Im not sure about fashioning a new bracket from clear plastic, I dont think that would work with my skills, lol-and since the originals were metal, prob wouldnt last very long in keeping the drive in place. I would probably have better luck in reshaping the dvd drives new door so that it doesnt stick out so much ..but as long as the eject button works, its perfect! :) In the end I did manage to get the right shorter bracket as a friend had an unused broken dvd drive with the right one. thanks!

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