where to buy fan for laptop

  theDarkness 17:27 24 Oct 2010

I need one of these, but have been told they are no longer in production:-
click here

so where is the best place to look, and how easy will it be in finding one that will match it and fit? thanks

  birdface 17:37 24 Oct 2010

Have you tried E-bay.
Maybe type spare parts for make model and see what comes up if anything.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:40 24 Oct 2010

Call me radical and incisive if you want but.....Ebay? click here


  theDarkness 19:01 24 Oct 2010

yep, ebay IS too radical-I assumed I would need one of the exact T&T model in order for it to fit and work, and its never on there. the laptops out of guarantee and is no longer being manufatured. I dont know any good component websites, but if the parts are custom made, Im probably better off emailing the manufacturer instead. will wait and see :O thanks

  T0SH 15:10 27 Oct 2010

Try these people they may be able to help you out

click here

Cheers HC

  wee eddie 15:36 27 Oct 2010

It should have it's 'Part Number' on the backplate.

Then it's a case of Googling your way around China.

  wee eddie 15:39 27 Oct 2010

I opened my mouth before engaging my brain.

  theDarkness 21:07 27 Oct 2010

I didnt want to be ordering from abroad, as I didnt think it would be so hard to find a fan for the model model I have here, but after alot of searching (and emailing a few fan companies, including the original fan manufacturer for MSI, T&T, who had none) - I finally realised that its the only way to get one. There were 3 official MSI fans of the exact model I needed listed on ebay, all from the same shop in china (!) but it has very good reviews, so Ive decided to give them a go. heres hoping it arrives in one piece, before xmas, and lasts for at least a year. checking out alot of youtube videos after searching for "VR601 sounds like an old car", it might not, as these official fan are prone to breaking, and making a constant buzzing sound thereafter, but ive not got many other options for purchasing. I was surprised that I could not find any third party unofficial fans that could fit in my laptop anywhere, only the official MSI T&T branded fans.

thanks for the replies :)

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